Teething, Toddlers and Tears

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Teething is never a fun time. All three of my children started the teething process later than my nieces and nephews and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. In fact, I was quite happy with their toothless gummy smiles.

bethany crying and austin (683x1024)You see, once the teething begins, it is almost like a tiny monster can take over. They can be as happy and carefree one minute, and then can become grumpy waterworks shows. All you Mama’s with toddlers know exactly what I am talking about!

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Miss B is officially two as of 11 days ago, 2! Where did my baby goes? She is a full-fledge toddler who has the personality of a 3 or 4 year old. Whoever thinks that teething is only difficult for the baby, is wrong. It is also a very painful process for Mama! All jokes aside, it is hard to watch your happy little one become a grump because of being in pain! While I don’t remember teething, I have recently had wisdom teeth removed and remember just how much pain they caused me. Mouth pain is no laughing matter. As a Mama of three, here are my suggestions to try with you are dealing with teething, toddlers and tears.

Freeze a bottle. Freeze just a small amount of water in an upside down baby bottle so you can create a chewable icepack. This only works if your little one likes the coldness on their gums, but will help to relieve the pain for a little while.

Freeze a banana. Again, your little one has to like the coldness, but chewing on a frozen banana helps numb the gums and every so often rewards them with a yummy chunk of banana.

Clean damp dishcloths or wash clothes. Little ones love to chew on things while teething, provide them something they can manuevr and feels good on the gums.

Carrots. Not baby carrots, but full sized carrots are great for teething babies when they don’t have teeth. They can chew on them for a long time with a little flavor and it feels so good on those sore gums.

Offer a spoon. Place a spoon in your frig and when you need it pull it out and let them chew on it. The cold metal against the gums will make your little one happy. My hubby flattened a couple of spoons for our kids so the edges were not as harsh in their mouth, they worked great!

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When everything else fails, we resort to Infants’ Advil® from Walgreens because we know without a question that it brings relief! I prefer Infants’ Advil® because it’s formula is approved for infants ages 6 to 23 months old in a non- staining, Dye-Free White Grape liquid. Infants’ Advil® Concentrated Drops are alcohol-free and come equipped with a syringe for easy dosing so there is no guessing.

Using Infants Advil #TeethingTruths AD
Using Infants Advil #TeethingTruths AD

After a few nights of restless sleep, I know we both need a little relief and Infants’ Advil® offers us a simple, effective solution to relieve our little ones’ pain with up to 8- hours of relief in just one dose. After a good nights sleep, we are both ready for another fun-filled day, even if it is a teething day!

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I’ve shared my teething truths with you. Ready to try out Infants’ Advil for your little one? Check out this coupon and save!

What ways do you cope with teething, toddlers and tears?

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  1. I’ve never heard of the frozen banana! My girls would have loved chewing on something like that to soothe their gums and have great flavor at the same time. Infants’ Advil was definitely a must during the teething phase – especially for sleeping through the night. #client

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