The Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

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Have you noticed the scent of crayons and panic on the air recently? That’s right, moms, it’s back to school shopping time. Back to school shopping is always a bittersweet task. The school year is fun, but chaotic, and seeing your kids become another year older is beautiful, but heartbreaking. As you send them off to another year of learning and growing, you want to make sure they have filling and healthy food to bring with them. That is why it is important to pick a reliable lunch box that can handle the wild roller-coaster known as the school year.

Safe and Sturdy

First things first—you cannot mess around with the safety of your kid’s lunch boxes. Certain types of plastics contain BPA and PVC, materials that have been linked to a wide array of health problems. Although these materials are no longer allowed to be used in toys, they continue to be components in lunch boxes and other items frequently used by children. Arctic Zone makes lunch boxes for kids that are not only free of BPA and PVC, but are also lead and phthalate safe. That means you can pack a healthy lunch that will actually stay healthy.

Once you have safety covered, you want to be sure that you can check “sturdiness” off of your list, too. Kids are not known for being gentle with their possessions, especially when they are faced with all of the distractions of school. Pick a lunch box that will not rip apart the first time Junior decides to use it as a weapon against an imaginary dragon. To further simplify your life, choose an easy-clean variety so that you can worry less about stains and wipe away those mysterious sticky spots in no time flat.

Cute and Cool

Smart construction does not have to mean boring looks. From flip-open designs with built-in trays to sleek totes that look more like purses, your kids can choose whatever lunch box style strikes their fancy. Most varieties have multiple compartments, so foods that need to stay cold can be kept separate from foods that can be at room temperature. Some lunch boxes come with attachable water bottles, making it easy for kids to remember to drink enough There are even lunch boxes that can expand to multiple sizes, so you can pack enough food even for those extra-long days.

The fun is not just limited to different storage configurations. Lunch boxes with vibrant prints like sharks, kittens, airplanes, and tie-dyes will make kids even more excited to eat than they usually are. If you would prefer to buy a lunch box that will grow with your child, there are also simpler patterns and more muted color schemes available. Whatever your child’s personality is, you can find a design to match.

Full and Happy

As you get ready to buy all of the things your family needs for another school year, rest assured that there is at least one type of item you can trust. Arctic Zone lunch boxes are safe, tough, and attractive, and they are available at multiple retailers. Even if you have picky eaters, they will love having special lunch boxes just for them. No matter what you pack, enjoy the fact that you have a way to do it safely and stylishly.

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