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As a Mama of two toddlers, we spend a lot of time going potty.  My son is four and has been fully potty trained even at night since about 2 1/2.  Addie started showing an interest in using the potty at about 18 months but she lost interest many times before she was really ready.  If you have potty trained you know that each child is different and are motivated by different reasons.

We had a potty chair and training seat for our toilet but Addie really wasn’t fond of either.  To be honest, neither was I.  Austin’s potty chair had a funky bowl that you could remove but if any got into the well below it would get inside and smell and you couldn’t get it out.  I LOVE how the removal bowl is huge with a really wide lip.  The bowl underneath is totally sealed so no worries at about any getting inside and smelling.

I love that the entire LOO is white and so easy to clean!  Simple pour it out, I then spray it with vinegar and wipe it clean.  Addie love to dump it herself and it truly is so easy for her to lift the insert out and put it back on.

What Does My Toddler Think?

After working with two potty training, it isn’t about what Mama and Daddy think, it is about how our children feel and their perception!   Even though Addie has been using a big potty for quite some time, she still is not totally comfortable using a big potty, especially while we are out.  She has slipped in before and it has made her leery.

When we received our Loo (I so love the name), I didn’t even have it out of the box for a full 60 seconds before she was sitting on it, making her pee-pees in the living room.  She loves it.  It is a perfect a fit and was designed differently than the other potty chairs I have seen.  She loves to sit on it while Mama or Big Brother is in the bathroom and feels so special to have one that is her very own.  She truly hated sitting on the other potty that Austin used so I was so delighted that she loves to use her Joovy Loo.

What Does Mama Think?

I love that it is so portable.  Just yesterday we took a long day trip to attend a convention over three hours away.  Since we left at 5 AM I knew we would be making many stops along the way to potty.  I loaded into the van and away we went.  We actually made three stops on our way there and two stops on our way home.  It was so nice to be able to put Addie on it and her feel comfortable enough to go.  I loved that we didn’t have to use the public restrooms everywhere.

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I was provided with the Loo at no charge for my review.  All opinions are 100% those of myself and my daughter.

37 thoughts on “The Joovy Loo Review from @JoovyOO”

    1. It is so easy! I totally love this and my daughter also. We had tried 3 different seats and this was finally the one she was comfortable with!

  1. Sylvia Esparza

    My youngest granddaughter is just starting to potty train. I think if she had her very own chair (she has been using the one her older siblings used) she would use it more. Looks sturdy and easy to clean.

  2. I really like the sealed edges like you pointed out, no smelliness! I like the comfortable shape, and how it gives toddlers security. Thank u for your review! And yeah for no public restrooms!!!

  3. my daughter is 2 and i will be potty training her soon and just found out i am pregant, so i will have to do it all over again. need one!

  4. Cassandra Eastman

    The Loo looks like such a great potty chair! I LOVE the pic of your little girl… she looks so comfortable while using the Loo, i’d love this for my daughter when she’s ready to start potty training!

    1. Ashley, my daughter loves it and sits on it even when I am in the bathroom just to talk to me so it must be comfortable!

  5. This looks like a great product. I am glad it is easy to clean. That’s superimportant with a toddler potty.

  6. Love that it is small, light, and portable. We do a lot of travelling right now, and that would be super helpful.

  7. Danielle Papsis

    I like the design. My parents bought our daughter a princess potty chair, but she thinks it’s a nice little place for bath toys and what not… she’s obviously not ready yet but perhaps she might like a different one like this.

  8. We love our Loo! Seriously the best potty seat out there. My son hasn’t been as successful with any other potty chair. And my daughter is starting to show an interest as well!

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