Think Outside the Box With Your Wrapping

On my recent shopping trip to Walmart, we had a lot of fun with the Royal Ball App while purchasing Disney gifts for Addie.  We choose to purchase a Huffy princess bike, complete with a mini carriage basket for Addie’s baby.  With her love of Disney, the castle at the Magic Kingdom and singing, we also decided on the Little People Song Palace.

Now that we had made our purchases, I decided I didn’t want to purchase wrapping paper but wanted to either use reusable wrapping or something we had on hand. I have been wanting to make a set of hooded blankets for the kids, they are their favorite right now, so I decided it would be cute to make a set with Mickey ears.  I then wrapped the Little People Singing Princess Palace in the blanket.  With Mickey wearing the hood, I think it looks really cute.  It was super easy to make, you can see the tutorial here, and it wont be opened and then tossed!  It can be used and worn over and over again.

I had the idea to create a castle from a large box I had been saving at home along with other cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes to place over the Cinderella Princess Bicycle. In an effort to try to take some control back at home, I just sent a bunch of cardboard and paper off to be recycled, along with my boxes I had been saving!

I didn’t have anything else that would work to cover the Huffy box so I covered it in white tissue paper and decided I would let the kids use it as a canvas to cover with their memories.  They did a pretty awesome job I think!

Since we had been talking about making a castle, the children really were quite disappointed.  I took the opportunity to allow the kids to think they were working on an art project.  I had them paint a box with white paint, they loved being turned loose to do it themselves. They each were able to decorate one side of the box.

Then I drew an outline of a castle on another piece of cardboard.  Then I cut it out with an Xacto knife.  I held the cardboard outline down and let the children paint the inside.  Once our castle dried we created fireworks with glue & glitter.  The kids glued on jewels and more glitter.

It wasn’t the castle I had envisioned but they were so proud of what they had created so it worked out perfectly and we had a great time making a mess.  Little does Addie know her mini Princess babies will be inside the castle box.

Are any of the packages picture perfect?  No, but that wasn’t the point.  We wanted to create unique gift wrapping and we did just that while having fun in the process!  Now to prepare for our next trip to Disney to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2013, we need to add a few more Disney Blu-Ray/DVD combos to our library.

Disney is always a fun brand to stay connected with.  You can visit them online and connect with them on Twitter.

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