Tips for Dealing with Babies with Skin Allergies

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When our first baby was born, it was within days we realized he had severe skin allergies.  He broke out with almost all disposable diapers, most personal care products caused rashes, his poor little skin was just not happy.  It was trial and error to figure out what really worked for him.  Here are a few tips we found helped our little one out!

Don’t over bathe.  We are seriously a culture that thinks we have to constantly scrub, but babies skin are truly sensitive.  Once the umbilical cord falls off, it is suggested to only give your baby a full bath twice a week.  Once they start crawling and eating more messy foods, and really getting dirty, then give them full bathes more frequently.  Soap can really irritate a baby’s skin, even baby soap so either skip I altogether at first or choose wisely and go with a mild, scent-free product.

Use caution with detergent.  There are several baby detergents available, but many of those even are scented with fragrances.  Use caution when it comes to fragrances; they can be so harsh on your little one’s skin.  To steer clear of issues, use a free and clear detergent.

Diaper rashes will come, deal with it.  No matter how hard you try, diaper rashes will make their nasty appearance at some point.  It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent, it could mean a number of things.  For my son, I couldn’t use most disposable diapers.  We had planned to use cloth anyways but circumstances would have it that he was early and then a tornado hit our town the night he was born.  We were without power and in a hotel a few hours away after he was released from the hospital so disposable diapers we a life saver.  Change them often to keep them dry and be sure not to make them too tight.

The most important thing is the keep their little bottoms clean and dry.  When you change your little one, wipe their bottoms clean with a warm rag with water or WaterWipes.  WaterWipes are chemical free and only contain two ingredients, 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.  Don’t use heavily scented wipes, again fragrances can be really harsh on their skin.  WaterWipes are a safer, natural choice and work like a charm!

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We learned so much with our little ones sensitivities.  It prepared us and made dealing with Addie and Bethany so much easier!  With baby number four we will be a little more prepared!

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