Gardening: Four Tips for Troubled Seedlings

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Starting your own seedlings is the best way to jump-start your garden early in the season.  This is something that I failed to due early this year myself but have finally started to get on the ball!  Gardening is such an amazing way to de-stress and relax aside from the obvious that you know exactly what is being put into on on your food.  Simple put, gardening is sustainable.  I love to teach my children about the beautiful things God has given us and gardening is a great way to do so.

Last year the Hubby started on a project with the old windows we had taken out of our house about eight years ago, a small greenhouse!  It is no where close to being finished but I hope maybe this fall he will get back around to it so we are able to grow a few things year round. I can’t wait to be able to fully harness the solar power of starting seeds outdoors but until then I will wait patiently.

How do you start your seeds?

Some use cold frames, mini greenhouses,  outdoor garden gazebos, direct sow into the garden, indoors under grow lights or in the windows?   If you are just starting to garden or have only started seeds a few times, likely you have had some complications with seedlings.  Some years, mine do better than others but I always try to start more than I can possibly use for that very reason.  Here are some of my favorite tips if you start to see trouble with your seedlings.

Early jacaranda sprout with second round of leaf growth

Four Tips for Troubled Seedlings

  • What if my seeds don’t germinate?

Many of us save some of our own seeds or use some from previous seasons.  Seeds can loose their viability if they are not stored properly.  If using seeds that were purchased, check your dates to see if they are past their prime.  This is not to say that seeds past their date will not germinate but that is a good place to start.

  • What if your seedlings are very thin and pale?

This typically means they are not getting enough good light.  If you are using grow lamps, be sure they are just a few inches from the top of the plants and that they remain on for a minimum of 18 hours a day.

  • What do I need to do if my seeds begin to grow at an angle?

I typically start most of my seedlings using light from the windows and this happens frequently.  The solution is very easy!  Seedlings will grow towards the light, rotate your seedlings daily to prevent them from growing at an angle.

  • What if my healthy seedlings begin to rot from the soil?

This is typically from something called “dampening off” and is a fungal disease.  To prevent this from happening, make sure your seedlings have good air circulation and that you use a peat based potting mix to get started.

Gardening is such a rewarding task to undertake!  You don’t have to have an acre of land to be productive.  Even with just a few containers you can get started on the path to greener living.

Did you start any seeds this year?  What are your secrets to success?

11 thoughts on “Gardening: Four Tips for Troubled Seedlings”

  1. I’d love to have a garden. We travel so much it is difficult. I do like to take advantage of our local organic farm’s produce each summer season. 🙂

  2. I had some stringy long seedlings this year! I made the mistake of planting them right before I went on a weeklong vacation – they were dirt when I left, and long and stringy when I came back. Won’t make that mistake again!

  3. We started a lot of seeds inside. (Still wish we would have done them sooner.) My husband’s poor tomatoes didn’t make it, but we think the soil might be too hot. This is our first year gardening together, so I’m excited!

  4. Great gardening tips.
    I love growing plants. I grow a few in my veggie patch but my main area is my flower beds. Starting perennials via seed is the best way to go. Cheaper and your not tossing big money down the drain if they fail.

  5. I’d never had much of an issue with growing from seed until last year. It seems that I could not get anything to grow beyond it’s first couple sets of real leaves. So frustrating! If I have issues this year, I may hit you up!

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