Six Tips to Avoid Bladder Infections During Pregnancy

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As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I was selected to share my pregnancy care routine.  During my pregnancy, I knew I would be prone to having a bladder infection.  It has been a challenge that I have dealt with before.  Sadly, my three year old daughter is struggling with one right now.

The sad reality is that more than 50% of the women face a lot of bladder problems during pregnancy. Urinary Tract Infections often is on top of the list.  As if being pregnant doesn’t present enough issues with regards to frequently needing to visit a bathroom, if you develop a bladder infection you may find yourself going even more and it can be quite uncomfortable and painful.

Although an infection can usually be treated rather easily, there are several things we can do to prevent a bladder infection.

6 Tips to Avoid Bladder Infections:

  1. Drink fresh cranberry juice that does not have other juices or sugars added.  The acid in the juice helps to wash out the bacteria sticking on the walls thus cleaning out the bladder.
  2. During pregnancy, we need even more water!  When you are pregnant, your body needs an average of ten glasses or more of water a day.  The water helps to keep us hydrated and flushed.
  3. Avoid overly processed foods that contain large amounts of sugar.  The sugar can stall our white blood cells from fighting infections.
  4. When you get the urge to go to the bathroom, go right away!  Be sure to empty yourself completely.
  5. Wear cotton panties so your skin can breathe.
  6. Although cleanliness may seem fairly basic, it is vital!

Having the Right Care Routine

For myself, having the right products on hand helps to maintain cleanliness during the day.  I have never been the type to enjoy wet wipes but being pregnant I have found them to be very valuable to feeling fresh and clean.  I don’t like feeling moist so I like to dry off with thick, absorbent toilet paper to finish the job.

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While I was shopping at Target this week for a few baby items I took advantage of their sale and picked up a couple of packs of Cottonelle Ultra as well as the new Cottonelle FreshCare cleansing cloths. Cottonelle Addie Target

My kids love shopping at Target and having their new cousin along with us made shopping so much more fun!  You can see more about my shopping trip in my #CottonelleRoutine G+ album.

1-DSC_0937 The Freshcare canister is sleek and white so it matches all decor.  I love that you do not need to purchase and then dispose of a container each and every time.  Instead, buy the larger packages of Freshcare flushable cleansing cloths refill packs and continue to re-use the container over and over.


The wipes are sewer and septic safe, which is highly important when you are on your own septic system.  I like the fact that I can flush one at a time and not worry about them clogging our system.  The wipes are gentle and alcohol free so I have even used them on my little one.  Paired with the thick, softness of Cottonelle Ultra and you have a great bathroom care routine to stay clean and prevent a bladder infection.


You can learn more about the Cottonelle products by connecting with Cottonelle on Twitter and Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “Six Tips to Avoid Bladder Infections During Pregnancy”

  1. These are great tips! I didn’t get a bladder infection when I was pregnant, but my mom suffers from them. I also love using a wipe in the bathroom. So much cleaner!

  2. Lots of great tips. Hopefully I won’t need to worry about this again. I’m done being pregnant. We just got that wipe container the other day when we bought some Cottonelle toilet paper.

  3. Important tips that I followed during my pregnancies! I hadn’t seen these Cottonelle Freshcare dispensers yet…I’m going to Target tomorrow, will have to look for it.

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