Five Tips To Prepare Our Bodies For Summer {Including Natural Probiotics}

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Can you believe that summer is quickly approaching?  For many of us that means we can no longer hide ourselves behind the bigger, more concealing clothing that belong to the cooler weather.  Getting ready for summer not only means wanting to look our best, but also preparing our bodies to deal with the sun and heat, including giving attention to our digestive system balance.

There are many ways we can start preparing our bodies now so we are ready for summer!

5 Tips to Prepare Our Bodies For Summer

EXERCISE.  So this is nothing new!  None of us would argue the benefits of regular exercise.  It can not only help you to lose weight, but also can help result in the loss of body fat and develop muscle tone.  Both are necessary to keep our bodies healthy and with exercise we can actually start to see results rather quickly.

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EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.  With winter being the time that many of us tend to indulge in rich foods, now is the time to help get our bodies back on track!  It is actually quite easy to start increasing our produce intake as more seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables start to make appearances.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun.  They have also been shown to help fight against heart disease, cancer and obesity.

When we fill up on fruits and vegetables, we fill our system with fewer total calories because they are high in fiber and bulk.  Be sure to pick a variety of colors to ensure your body receives a great variety of nutrients.

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DRINK MORE WATER.  Sixty percent of our body is made up of water.  It has been shown that a drinking enough water can help with weight loss, keeps our skin and lips hydrated, can help prevent the development of wrinkles, and can help fight heat exhaustion during the intense summer weather.

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TAKE A NATURAL PROBIOTIC.  Not only does all that rich, heavy food tend to put on a few extra pounds during the winter months but also tend to get our digestive systems out of balance.  A natural probiotic is actually a beneficial bacteria that our digestive systems need to work properly.  Our lifestyles and diets (including stress!) can affect the composition of our natural microbiota.  This spring I have introduced the gradual release Insync Probiotic to my family’s diet.  It contains B.Infantis that is doctor recommended.

DIY Sugar Scrub

REFRESH YOUR SKIN.  I don’t know about you but after the dry winter months I tend to feel somewhat like a lizard.  I love to use my homemade honey-coconut lip moisturizer all winter but I usually need to make a new batch to get my through summer.  To help shed the dryness I use a homemade sugar scrub on my hands, elbows and feet.  At night I follow it with a deep moisturizer and wear socks to help retain the moisture.  I may have to repeat it a couple of times to get all the dryness but then my skin is so soft and ready to take on summer!

What steps do you take to get your body ready for summer?


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  1. I need to be more aware and start doing more of this. I don’t usually take a probiotic in the summer time, usually only in winter because that is our sick season but I really should make it a habit of year round!

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