Toe-Tapping Fun at Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival

As Disney fans, we were invited to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival in exchange with sharing about our experiences.  All opinions shared our own.

There is nothing more exciting than to see your healthy child happy.  Watching their little eyes fill with wonder and excitement makes my own heart glow.  My children have a love for a mouse, not just any mouse, the one and only Mickey the Mouse as Addie calls him.   They talk, almost daily about Mickey and today we had the opportunity to see that sparkle in their eyes again when we went to see the Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival in Springfield, MO.

Disney Live! Family photo

Even though the sky was over cast and light gray, their was a great deal of excitement as it was finally the day to see Mickey and Minnie!  As we entered the Juanita Hammons Hall, the kids were immediately drawn into the displays and concessions set up at the entrance.  There were bright colors and many of the familiar Disney faces on display.  We stopped long enough to look around and snap a few photos.

Disney Live! Austin

We entered the auditorium early and the kids asked about every 30 seconds if it was time for the show to start!  It made me think back to just how patient my own Mother was with us as children.  They were eager for it to begin and almost couldn’t contain themselves.

Disney Live! Stage

Once the lights were dimmed and the show began the dancers filed out to the stage and then next Donald makes his grand entrance.  I look over to Austin sitting next to me and he is feverishly waving to Donald.  I couldn’t have peeled the smile off my face if I wanted to.

Disney Live #ad 1

Addie sat on the edge of her seat while Bethany sat with her eyes glued to the stage.  JJ was bouncing up and down to the music clapping his hands.  Some of the Disney classics were played as well as a few current songs.  Austin danced like he never has before with the mermaids to “All the single ladies”.  I laughed, smiled and even almost cried.  My hands were full with my two daughters bouncing to the songs while Austin danced but my heart was even fuller.

Every second of the baby crying during our drive to the show was worth every moment of seeing just how much they enjoyed seeing Mickey and his friends.  With songs and appearances from Aladin, The Little Mermaid and Toy Story; Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy put on an amazing toe-tapping show.

As we were leaving, Addie asks, “What time is the next show?  I am ready to see it again!”  Would you expect anything less from a Disney show?

If you have young Mickey lovers in your life, be sure to see if the Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is coming near you!

35 thoughts on “Toe-Tapping Fun at Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival”

    1. Thanks Annie! My kids LOVE Mickey & Minnie and their handmade hats were a huge hit! They didn’t want to take them off 🙂

    1. We live in a really rural area so we had to travel about three hours but we make a weekend out of it. Hopefully they will eventually make their way to you.

  1. Our family loves live shows. I think we have a Disney show coming in April. If I am correct, I think I may have to start pricing tickets. This sounds like a great show!

  2. I can only imagine how awesome it is to see the excitement in the eyes of your children! Those are the best! And Mickey can certainly do that! Looks like an awesome show. Disney never disappoints!

  3. I’d love to see this show too! Glad you had such a good time, and you’re right that anticipation factor w/the littles is awesome! Love their hats!!!

    1. You can check their schedule at and click on the Mickey’s Musicial Festival. They add dates frequently, so be sure to check them every now and then. I hope you are able to make one, it is so much fun!

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