Top Must Haves for Bringing Home a New Baby

We all have our opinions and for each Mama there opinion may differ from mine.  When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, to say I was overwhelmed was quite an understatement.  I was floored and shocked.  How could it happen?  Well that is truly a dumb question, we know how it happens but how did it happen!

As we finished with our baby things after Addie, I got rid of them.  We had decided we were not having any more, I didn’t need to hold onto things.  So with baby B we are basically starting over.   The benefit this time, we actually know what we did really use and what we didn’t.  There is no need to acquire tons of things we “think” we need with a new baby.

We are a co-sleeping family so we have no need for crib, I breastfeed so we have no need for formula.  I did pump with both of my first two, so some bottles did come in handy as well as a pump but I found each child preferred different nipples and bottles so I would not stock up ahead of time until you know your baby will take them.

Creating a baby registry is helpful for friends and family but it can be quite overwhelming.  These were items that starting over we needed to purchase again, that I truly found were necessities for me with my first two.

Top Must Haves for Bringing Home a New Baby

jujube diaper bag

1.  Diaper Bag – This really can be any type of bag you are comfortable with but with a new baby comes lots of things that you will need to tote with you everywhere you go.  Having a diaper bag that is comfortable to carry and shows your personality it a really good thing.  I found that having one that could be washed was very beneficial otherwise you can spot treat it when it does become soiled.

2.  Car seat – This is an absolute necessity to even have the baby released to you from the hospital  There are infant car seats and then their are convertible cars seats.  Infant car seats come with a base that is fastened down to the seat and the actual seat itself can be lifted out of the base for ease of use.  These can typically only be used until 22-25lbs and then another seat is needed.  Convertible car seats are seats that fasten directly to the seat and are not removed to carry indoors.  They do however usually range in size from 5lbs to 40lbs so they can be used past the first year.  Addie is still in here seat as she nears 4 years old.

3.  Baby Bath Products – Most people go for the most marketed, “Dr. Recommended” brand you can find at about any store.  The reality is they are full of unneeded ingredients, artificial colors, and fragrances that are not good for your baby and can cause they to have skin allergies among other things.  Look for brands that have more natural and organic ingredients like Dolphin Organics, Espisencial, Earth Mama Angel Baby® or Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.  To learn more about the ingredients in these products visit the EWG database.

4.  Baby Bath or Cushion – Although I am not a big fan of the large plastic bath tubs, as I used my sink when the babies were little, having a cushion to place in the sink or the Blooming Bath Seats are just adorable.   They not only cushion the sink but also are completely adjustable.

5.  Baby Hooded Towels & Cloths – Although large bath towels work just fine, I really liked using the smaller, softer hooded towels on the babies, especially in the cooler weather.  These are not expensive but if you are going to purchase or register for them, go for the thicker ones, they will hold up much better.

6.  Swaddlers & Sleep Sacks – Each baby is so different, some really like to be swaddled others not so much so.  During those first few weeks where the babies are adjusting to life outside the womb, mine loved being swaddled.  They slept so much better with their arms and legs snugly against their little bodies.  regular receiving blanket will work just fine if you wrap them properly.  During the day, I didn’t have any problems doing so but at night when I was waking up every two hours, using an infant swaddle made life so much easier.  As they get a bit older, sleep sacks are a perfect solution!

joovy babasling1

7.  Baby Sling or Carrier – I love to practice baby wearing.  You develop a close bond and it really allows you a lot of freedoms you would not otherwise have.  There are so many different types of slings, wraps and carriers available.  Each offers something slightly different so you don’t really know which you or your baby will prefer until you try them.  Some of the most popular are the Moby Wrap, Ergo, Boba Air, Baby K’Tan and the BabaSling.

8.  First Aid Kit & Thermometer – This is important to have on hand, even if you don’t plan on giving your child a lot of medication.  It is hard to find dye-free acetomeniphin locally for me so having it on hand if I need it is really important.  There are so many different types of thermometers.  For a true temperature, most pediatricians will want the reading from a rectal thermometer, however having an instant read is nice to have on hand for more frequent use.

9.  Nail Clippers and Nasal Aspirator – Although these may not be something you think about, there is a big difference in how the infant clippers clip versus adult clippers.  Plus their nails are so, so tiny!  For just a few dollars, it is well worth it to purchase an infant set.  There has been much controversy over how clean they actually are.  First off, the ones at the store do not work like the ones at the hospital, no contest!  If you are concerned about the ability to clean and sterilize them, look into the newer  aspirators like Nose Frida that are suppose to be much safer and more effective.

bumgenius diapers

10.  Diapers – Whether you are using cloth or disposable diapers, in the beginning you will be going through a lot of diapers, especially in the beginning.  Running out during the night is a very difficult situation, so make sure you have plenty on hand.  For cloth diapering our newborns we used prefold newborn diapers and a diaper cover.  Prefolds are quite inexpensive and compared to other cloth diapers and you will need 3-4 covers depending on how often you plan to wash.  They also have adorable newborn cloth diapers that do not require an extra diaper cover such as Lil’ Joey, Kiwi Pie, Swaddlebees, Bum Genius and GroVia.  If you are looking for disposables, why not try more eco-friendly brands such as the Honest Company.

11.  Baby Swing – Although some may not think of this as a necessity, it was a lifesaver for me.  Both my kids loved their baby swing and it was a way to buy me a few extra minutes, sometimes hours when they napped.  I can’t imagine not having one.

12.  Bouncer – This was also a huge help to buy me some time!  Although not a necessity, a bouncer is one I found very helpful as well.  They are portable, and I used them to have hands free while I folded laundry or other things that I found more difficult while baby wearing.

13.  Onesies, Sleepers and Socks – Usually you will get a great deal of clothing if you have a baby shower.  I mean how can others resist buying such cute newborn clothing?  When mine were newborn I realized that them being comfortable was much more important then them being all dressed up.  I wore mainly onesies and one piece footed outfits for the first few weeks.  They are easy for diaper changes and do not rub the umbilical cord because there is nothing rubbing the waste.  Depending on your baby, you will likely go through multiple outfits most days.  It is nice to have a few outfits for pictures in those first few weeks, so make sure you have something special picked out for the day you will bring the baby home.

These are just my must haves for bringing home a new baby, do you have any others that would be included?

19 thoughts on “Top Must Haves for Bringing Home a New Baby”

  1. I need to share this with my sister. She is delivering her second child next week, but there is 13 years between her kids and SO much as changed since then! Great list!

    1. Being this is our third, it was really helpful to me because I knew what we actually WOULD use versus all the extra stuff that just takes up space!

  2. I agree with Tiffany, that blooming bath seat is soo cute! I don’t remember seeing these when I had my daughter. You’ve compiled a great list, aside from someone bringing that new mom meals, I don’t know what you’re missing!

  3. That blooming bath seat is so cute. Wish I had that when mine were younger. I’d have to say that lots of help is something I’d like to bring home with a new baby. Great list.

  4. A vibrating chair and a sling were the essentials for me. The vibrating chair helped calm Zoe down when she was inconsolable. I noticed at the nail salon yesterday when she sat in a chair with the massager on that she looooved it, and it made me think of that chair she had when she was little. The sling was a huge necessity, since we lived on the third floor for a while and I hated dragging the car seat + baby + stroller combo up and down all the stairs. It wore me out!

  5. Since my baby has breastfeeding issues, I would have to add bottles to that list. Or even a breastpump, to help stimulate milk production for the first couple of days. Otherwise, this is almost exactly what I had for my baby girl 🙂

    1. I agree that a breast pump is a necessity. For me, my children were very funny about the bottles they used so it was trial and error to see which they would take my pumped milk from.

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