Top Ten Posts of 2013

It is officially the last day of 2013!  I am so excited to look ahead to the new year of 2014 and all the changes that are instore.  Before we look forward, I thought it would be fun to look back and share the top ten posts of  2013 that were determined by you, my readers.  This gives me great insight into what you all are interested in seeing more of in 2014.

Top Ten Posts of 2013

1. DIY Homemade Honey Coconut Lip Moisturizer

Who would ever guess you would be able to make your own lip moisturizer that works amazingly well that is so simple!  With just a few simple ingredients you can make your own lip balm and once you try it you won’t be using store bought again.

This page got three time more visits that any other page on my site in 2013!  It is safe to say that there will be many more DIY beauty products coming soon, including some homemade lotion that I have been experimenting with.

2. Natural Cleaning Solutions with Heinz Vinegar

Another frugal yet natural DIY post that had a huge number of visitors!  If you are still using commercial cleaners, you have to try making your own simple cleaners.  They are not only safe and non-toxic they are totally inexpensive!

Mini Cheesecakes finished

3. Mini Cheesecake Recipe

These little babies are so delicious so no one will know just how easy they are to make!  If you are looking for a simple dessert, you have to try these.

hospital bags by door 1a

4. What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Your Delivery

This wasn’t my first go-round in the delivery room so it was much easier to prepare for what I needed to bring to make our hospital stay easier.  Although your list may be slightly different, these were the things I felt were must-haves for myself.

5. Boy’s Boy Tie Tutorial

Austin developed a love of bowties almost over night.  He picked out a few fabrics he liked and we tried making one.  They turned out to be really easy and clearly I wasn’t the only one looking to make them, so many of you were too.

cinnamon rolls

6. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

If you are willing to put forth a little effort, your taste buds will thank-you (as will your family)!  These are so delicious and not only taste great but also are really pretty to look at.

7. Growing Potatoes in Garbage Cans

Who would have ever thought that potatoes could flourish in garbage cans?  But they do!  This a great way to utilize a small amount of space and grow up instead of down.

beef enchilada recipe

8. Simple Cheesy Beef Enchiladas

I love enchiladas and this recipe can be made in minutes but you could never tell!  These are a hit with everyone in the family whether they are beef or chicken.

Refried Beans 1

9. Homemade Refried Beans Recipe

We use lots of refried beans in making bean burritos, but I was blown away that this would be one of the most popular of 2013!  If you are going to be home for a day, put on a pot of beans to cook that you can turn into delicious refried beans in minutes.  Again, once you have homemade, you will never eat canned refried beans again.

10. How Solar Energy Can Be Used in Your Home

Again, I was quite surprised that this made the top ten, but it did!  Solar Energy is a hot topic and maybe one day we will actually be able to harness solar energy in our own home.

In looking back at 2013, it helps me to see more of what you are wanting to see going forward.  The next fourteen posts contain gardening, diy, crafts and recipes, all of which will be making more appearances on the blog going into 2014!

Over my three years of blogging I have learned so much.  The bottom line is that I couldn’t continue to blog without my readers!  Thank-you!  From the bottom of my heart thank-you!

This year the blog was taken over with loads of sponsored content and in the meantime most of my regular posting stopped.  Going into 2014 there will be more balance of created content and sponsored content.  I can’t wait!

I always look forward in getting feedback from you and if you have two minutes I would love for you to fill out the survey below to help mold what you will see here in 2014!

What is one post you would love to see in 2014?

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts of 2013”

  1. I love the homemade coconut lip moisturizer. My lips take a brutal beating during the cold weather and I don’t like to put strong balms on them. I think this one would work well since it is natural.

  2. Okay, I am so glad you re-shared the lip balm, I will definitely be trying that. However the cinnamon rolls – that was not nice. I have started back to eating healthy and have been craving those for days! Sunday – have to wait until Sunday.

  3. Those are some great posts! I especially like your post about what to bring to the hospital for delivery. For the longest I have been wanting to post about what to bring to the hospital when having a c-section. These type of lists can be quite handy for those who are first time parents. After 4 c-sections, I think I have the list down by now,lol.

  4. I have never even considered making a bow tie, but they are so cute, I’m definitely going to check out the tutorial. I hope my boy will be into it. 🙂

  5. Those are some great posts. I’m really interested in how to grow the potatoes in a garbage can, that sounds really interesting. I don’t have a garden so anyway I can find to grow food at home is of interest. I also like the DIY honey coconut lip moisturizer too!

  6. I guess I am all for reading about green living because I have an environmental sci degree–I really do wish our country could make more progress towards alternative energy sources like solar!

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