Tortle Prevents Flat Head Syndrome – Say What?


Did you know there was such a thing?  There actually is something called Flat Head Syndrome.

As a result of newborn babies spending a large amount of time on their backs, one out of two babies develop flat head syndrome.  The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend regular head repositioning of babies younger than six months.  This can be accomplished by newborns wearing a Tortle beanie for the first 6 months of life to support healthy development.

The Tortle is a cotton repositioning beanie that aids in the prevention and treatment of Flat Head Syndrome, a condition most prevalent in babies 0-6 months of age.

Tortle Products LLC is based in Denver, Colorado, and is dedicated to ending Flat Head Syndrome around the world.  For more information please visit

The Tortle can now be purchased at Babies R Us stores nationwide for $19.99.

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