True North Organic Body Products {Sponsor Spotlight #GreenMoms}

When I stumbled across True North Organic, I immediately loved that their products are made in the US with the highest quality organic ingredients.  Almost all of the ingredients used are organic with the exception of very few natural ingredients.  As a company they are committed to sourcing quality ingredients to creating handcrafted products, while adhering to environmentally sustainable business practices.   Many of the chemicals used in conventional skincare products today have hormone-disrupting qualities, so finding companies like True North Organics is so important!
True North recognizes that the choices that we make in our daily lives have an impact on people, animals and the environment. Their soap bags are biodegradable, compostable cellulose bags made from materials sourced with sustainable forestry principals. The labels are printed using water-based inks on FiberStone®, which is a tree-free, water-free, recyclable paper.
I love that they participate in their local Farmer’s Market in Minnesota-that speaks volumes about them as a company I think!
So what did I think of their products?  The first thing I wanted to open to smell was their Coconut Lime Body Butter.  We are all about smells here at our house right now (good and bad).  So I gently lifted the lid and the smell is perfect, just like a key lime pie!  Who wouldn’t want to smell like a key lime pie?  The first night I tried it out, Addie who was laying in the bed next to me kept wanting to smell my hands.  Austin tip-toed from his room in to ask me what that smell was and insisted he needed some too!  Anything with coconut oil melts almost on contact with the skin but this soaked in nicely, without feeling greasy when it was absorbed, like so many others do.  Needless to say, we really enjoyed the body butter!
The next product we tried out was from their baby line-Lil’ Sprout.  We received the Lil’ Sprout Baby hair and body wash.  It is made with calendula and soothing lavender.  It lathers well and cleans nicely.  Addie has very unpredictable hair, it does what it wants to say the least but it left her hair soft and with lots of body.  After her bath her head is covered in little ringlets and they seemed to be so full of life after being washed with the Lil’ Sprout hair and body wash.
The last product I received was a Raspberry Vanilla Lip Balm.  Of course the kids again, jumped to, it is mine!  They love trying out lip balms.  It leaves your lips soft and feeling moisturized.  With simply ingredients, I didn’t have to worry about the kids wanting to try it out.  It spent more time under their noses than actually putting on their lips, but as I said before, they are BIG into smells right now.
I am not one that likes overpowering smells.  I don’t want to knock people down when they approach me, nor do I want to cause anyone’s allergies issues.  I love that their products smells are rich and very enlightening but not overpowering.  That can be a fine balance to achieve.
Would you like the opportunity to try them out yourself?  Come back and enter our Green Your Mom Giveaway Hop starting on May 1st!  You can connect with True North Organic via their website and on Facebook.  Please check them out and give these fabulous people a “Like” as well!
Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above products for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are those of myself and my family.

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  1. Kelley @Kelley's Passion for Nutrition

    Wow, great products! I did not know about this company! Thank you for sharing it with me!

  2. I just LOVE your reviews, and reading about how your kids also get excited about these products, puts the biggest smile on my face. Great Job~~~~~:)

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