Turn Fun into Learning with a STEM Jimu Robot

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When my first child was about three, he started asking deeper questions than I was ready to answer at that age, like: “What parts of the car make the wheels turn? What do they put into asphalt to make it hard? How does the engine make the car go?”  At first, I started to laugh it off but the questions never stopped coming.  He is nine now and to this day we have question timeouts.  Towards the end of the day my brain is tired but his is still churning constantly.  I reach a point where I say the questions are in timeout because I need a pause. 

Being a homeschooling family enables us to try to tailor the children’s education more to their individual needs.  Austin is like a sponge with his mind always turning.  He loves to build things and to take things apart to see how they work. 

He loves building creations with bricks and has built several small robots.  I am thankful he is good at following directions and can work independently. 

When it comes to purchasing toys for him, we love to make them interactive, educational and fun.  We love STEM activities because through hands-on fun, the children learn many concepts without even realizing they are learning.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and STEM products encourage kids to develop core skills in these areas. Best Buy carries products from basic learning games to advanced toys designed to stimulate a child’s mind in the STEM areas, helping to develop logic and problem solving skills.

When I found out we would be getting the chance to try out the Jimu Robot Kit, I was beyond excited.  Not excited for me, but so excited because I knew how much joy it would bring Austin.  He could hardly contain himself once the box came to get it opened.  Be sure to check out our video to see him opening the box and it in action. 

He decided he would build BuzzBot first.  He carefully opened the box and laid out all the contents from the packages.  The instructions are actually on the Jimu app, so he downloaded the app and then started building.  He built while I made dinner. 

I peeked around the corner several times and he was busy at work.  I only managed to snap a few photos of the building process because it went remarkably quick.  By the time I was finished with dinner, he has his BuzzBot completed.  I would say it took him less than 45 minutes.  He said the app instructions were very easy to follow and very well written. 

The app connects to the robot through Bluetooth and you can give him commands from walking to pushups to dancing.  We all giggled as Austin showed us his happy dance; he glides, wiggles and even does the slips.  The baby even got down and danced with him.  Then you have control to put together whatever unique series you want through the app. 

We had just gotten the kit in from Best Buy days before we left on our road trip to Florida, so we packed up the kit and it came with us.  Although Austin loved BuzzBot, he was very eager to build MuttBot also.  The pieces are able to be taken apart and reused to build the MuttBot.  There are some very small pieces that are not suitable for small children, so just use caution as it is meant for children ages 8+. 

Jimu Robot Kit MuttBot

Jimu Robot Kit MuttBot

Jimu Robot Kit MuttBot

Again, using the Jimu app, Austin could build MuttBot on his own and was just as excited with the results.  Piecing it together and seeing the connections being made from one piece to another helps him understand how it all works together.  The connections between motors, the wires and joints allow him to reason on how the pieces move.  For my budding builder and engineer it was perfection!

If you have a child you want to keep engaged this summer who loves to build and is interested in STEM learning, they will love the Jimu Robot: BuzzBot + MuttBot Kit combo.  We highly recommend it!  You can purchase it from BestBuy currently for $149.99.   

Be sure to check out more of his moves in the video below. 

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