Turning Small Moments into Cherished Memories

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When you think back to your best memories as a child, what do you think of?  Usually it is the little things we look back on and cherish, the moments we capture in our minds.

We all have special memories that we cherish.  I can close my eyes be there, helping my mom make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I can smell them baking in the oven, even taste the dough we would get to lick from the bowl.  I can smell Dad’s bbq on the grill while we would camp, splashing in the river or stream close by.  I can see the flicker of the fireflies and smell the smoke from the campfire.

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And some of my all-time favorite memories I cherish are those of our family game nights.  We played cards…lots of cards!  Canasta was a game I knew how to play by the age of five.  Pinochle shortly followed and we played together as a family, and often.  I have such great memories I cherish.  They may have been just ordinary everyday moments but we have to cherish the little things!

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My children are still young but they are growing so fast!  Some days are crazy.  Ok.  Honestly, most days are crazy!  Some days I feel like I am just surviving.  But I want to make sure that I take advantage of each and every day to make those cherished moments with my own children.

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I want to always remember just how much Austin and Addie love their baby right now.  Making her smile and laugh are their top priorities for the day.  Some days Addie is a bit anxious to see her baby and wants to wake her before the sun is up so she can talk and cuddle with her.  Although I am usually not very excited at that moment, I want them to remember those moments, those smiles and laughs and cuddles.

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The tickles, the kisses, the hugs and the tears, all are small moments we should cherish.

As a serious person I sometimes forget what it was like as a child to see all the excitement in something ordinary.  This summer we are going to make it a point to cherish all the small moments, to make memories from those ordinary moments.

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From jumping in the elevators to chasing the fireflies in the evening sun, I want to make sure each year, each month, each week, each day, we stop long enough from the chaos of the day to cherish the moments we have been blessed with.

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That has led us to start creating our summer bucket list!  I will be sharing that soon but would love to know…

How do you cherish the small moments that you are blessed with?

Gymboree is a company who prides themselves in making those cherished moments last a lifetime!  As huge fans of Gymboree, we were blessed to be able to select some of the pieces from one of their newest lines, Yellow and Black and Beach Buddies.  Aren’t they adorable?

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30 thoughts on “Turning Small Moments into Cherished Memories”

  1. Your kids are so precious and those outfits are ADORABLE! I really love how you can see the love they have for each other in these shots, it really is something to cherish

  2. Those photos are beautiful! I love the pouty face of your littlest one and the photo of your son kissing your little one. So cute! I totally agree that we need to cherish those memories, thanks for the reminder.

  3. I really, really tried to look at the world from a child’s perspective when they were little. I wanted them to have time to slowly wander and observe instead of being rushed, for instance.

  4. We played a ton of Canasta growing up as well. Huge family nights were had filled with Canasta, Dummy Rummy and Pinochole. It’s still hard for me to call home and know that the family is playing cards without me!

    1. That sounds like our house! Great times and MANY memories playing cards! Sometimes there would be four or five tables when we got together with our extended family.

  5. the moments are so fleeting. i’ve been trying to step back and think if i need to step in with the kids or if i should just take a breath and let the moment happen. because what if it turns into one of those memories that stays forever?

  6. Love the pictures of your kids all coordinated and having a great time together! I’ll cherish the times my kids make each other laugh most!

  7. Special moments are to be had just by looking into my children’s eyes. They are so fascinated with things we adults consider mundane. I am a bit behind in keeping up their individual scrapbooks, but you have given me the nudge I need to get on it. Your children are beautiful. I especially love the fifth picture.

  8. Love this! I have so many memories and tiny things that remind me of childhood. Sitting around the table every night for dinner is always one of my most cherished.

    These photos are amazing, what cute kiddos! Their clothes are the cutest!

  9. Those outfits are awesome and so colorful. Perfect for spring. We shop at Gymboree all the time for adorable outfits for the little ones.

  10. Awe, how adorable! They are so precious. I love their trendy Gymboree clothing – I hope for my son there too.

  11. What sweet memories you have shared. I think we all need to take time to remember those little moments. I often find myself sitting and looking at my kids and thinking they are growing up way too fast. And I spend time remembering the fun small moments from when they were younger. It always helps when I have pictures of them during those special moments too.

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