Tutorial: How to Make Paper Chinese Lanterns

These are so cute and festive!  They were the perfect homemade decoration for our Asian themed girls night we had this week.  I can honestly say, anyone can make these if you can use scissors!

Material needed: Various sizes of paper, scissors, tap/glue or stapler

Here are the steps to make a Chinese lantern:

Start with a sheet of paper, either construction paper or scrapbooking paper work great. This is a 8×10 piece I am using.
Cut a stripe off the top for the handle.
Fold the paper in almost in half length wise leaving one side about an inch longer.
Cut strips what ever width you would like but do not cut all the way across. You need to leave about a half an inch to and inc uncut for the rim at the top and bottom.
Unfold your paper.
Roll the paper width wise and tape/staple/glue the ends together.
Set up and push down gently on the top to crease.
Tap/staple/glue the handle on the top. Try to connect on the inside that way it looks better.
And there you have it, a Chinese Lantern that is so simple to make. You can really get creative and come up with really neat paper combos and they look beautiful.  You can even use tea lights in a glass to illuminate them if you are getting together in the evening or outdoors at evening time!

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