Visiting Typhoon Lagoon With Toddlers

I couldn’t have been more excited for Disney to host our trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Thank-you Disney!  All opinions about our experiences are 100% our own.

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Have you ever ordered a Disney Parks planning DVD?  They are great to explain about some of the features of the parks, resorts and even cruises.  My children watched ours so frequently that it disappeared, thanks to Mama.  Then one day out of the blue, a new one arrived in the mail.  The children get the mail from the Post Office and they knew exactly what it was!  So we were back to watching the parks planning DVD again.

Let me state, it is a great tool and something to watch to help plan a trip to Disney for sure but we have seen it thousands of times, literally!  It was from this DVD that my children learned about the Art of Animation resort as well as the Disney water parks.  Their lists of must see and do, started growing rather quickly.  Austin was mesmerized by the large wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon and begun quoting the DVD.

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It was his utmost desire to visit Typhoon Lagoon and to say he was excited when he found out we were going was quite the understatement!

Austin loves to be in the water so I knew he would love the water park.  I was unsure of how Addie would feel.  Thanks to spending so much time in the pools at Port Orleans and our Global Resort Homes, she was actually quite comfortable.

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We arrived into the park not long after it opened.  We choose to drive but you can also take the Disney transportation directly from your resort.  Although the park was quite full, we had very little wait to enter.  Disney is known for creating environments that feel as if you have been immersed in a scene, whether you be in Fantasyland, walking down the Boardwalk or in the Louisiana Bayou at Port Orleans, Typhoon Lagoon is no different.  You are greeted with fun photo opps and then walk through lush greenery as you make your way to the famous Tilley shipwreck.

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Without a doubt, Austin was captivated by the wave pool and it hadn’t even begun to rock yet.  He was one happy camper; life was good!  The smiles radiated from both the children.  Today was going to nothing short of ah-ma-zing!

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The wave pool is intense, even for adults.  I was only waist deep and the force behind the waves really had power behind them.  Austin jumped and let the waves pull and push him back and forth.  I think he truly could have been happy to stay here all day.

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Off the side of the wave pool are the Bay Slides water slides.  Water + slides into the wave pool, what could be better?  Even Addie was adventurous and took on both water slides.  They were the perfect size for 4-6 year olds.  If they exited the slides as the waves we starting up there was still enough force behind the waves to push the children quite a bit, but that didn’t seem to bother Austin.  We parked the stroller and enjoyed ourselves here multiple times enjoying a break in the sand with our feet in the water as the children played.

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Next we were on the lazy river or Castaway Creek as it is named.  The water seemed exceptionally cold but that was actually refreshing on the hot summer day.  It was very relaxing.  The intertubes were floating throughout the river, so we grabbed them as they floated by the stairs.  There are several named entrances into the lazy river to make it easier to know where to exit.  For the little ones, the waterfall you head under was quite intense, I would suggest grabbing an extra child’s size intertube before you head under with little ones to use as an umbrella (these don’t have holes in the bottom and work perfect to shield the little ones from most of the downpour), bigger kids will love it!

From there, we grabbed snacks and rested under the covered cabana.  We watched the families float by in the lazy river, the smiles that seemed to be abundant and the squirrels searching for dropped food.

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From there we made our way over to Ketchakiddee Creek.

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This was the perfect place for the little ones that are 4 feet and under.  Austin barely meet the height requirements but even he enjoyed the play area.

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This is the perfect place for little ones to play with side-by-side mini slides.  Addie hates water splashing on her face and although she had gone down the slides into the wave pool, she was hesitant to go down the mini slides.  The cast member was so great and held her hands over the jets so Addie could go down without being splashed.

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Next up was the mini inner-tube rapids!  Both Addie and Austin got a thrill out of the dips and turns.  He rode it over and over and while Addie loved playing with the animal-shaped fountains and mini pools.  The little ones could stay here literally all day!

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Next up was the Shark Reef!  Both kids were excited of the idea to swim in the reef!  The fact that it was quite cold and ten feet deep didn’t scare either of them.  Oh, and the sharks?  Nope, that didn’t scare them either.  I was going to take them one at a time while Aunt Pam waited with the baby.  We waited in line and listened to the instructor about how to snorkel across the reef.  Austin was so excited until we were up next.

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The cast members encourage everyone to wear a life jacket if they were not extremely strong swimmers, even the adults were offered them.  The group in front of us included six children, most of whom couldn’t barely swim.  The one boy who was not wearing a life jacket panicked only five feet in.  I was amazed at how quickly the life guards were on top of it.  With their help, he managed to make it across the reef.  At that point, Austin decided he wanted to wait until our next visit.  So while we didn’t make it across the Shark Reef personally, it was an exhilarating experience and one we hope to add-on our next trip!

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I can honestly say that no warm weather Disney trip with kids is complete without a visit to one of the Disney water parks!

Visiting Disney is not just about the experiences, it is about making memories!

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My children put their little toes in the sand for the first time at Typhoon Lagoon.  It was the first time they attempted to make a sandcastle, bury Aunt Pam’s toes in the sand and run into the waves as they crashed into the shoreline.  It really was a perfect day full of beautiful memories.

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Here are a few of my tips to help make your trip a success:

  • *If you have purchased tickets for the Disney parks, pay the extra amount to get the water park + more option added.  This works out to about $10 extra a day and is so worth it!  If you have 5-day park tickets and choose to add the waterpark + more option, you will then receive five additional visits to the water parks, Disney Quest and more, giving you up to ten days worth of park visits.
  • *Bring your own towels (even from the resort).  Towels are charged at $2 a towel and were the same towels that were at the pools at our Disney Resort.  If your towels become soaked, ask at the counter and likely they will exchange them out at no charge.
  • *When you enter the park, find a shady spot to rest.  We moved several times but many larger families kept their spots all day as a central meeting area and the shady spots are quickly snagged.
  • *There are lockers available but since we had our magic bands it made it simple to not bring my wallet so I didn’t have to worry about it for safe keeping.  Try to bring minimal personal items that you will need to worry about loosing.
  • *Bring your own water and snacks.  Disney is great about allowing their guests to bring small coolers with beverages and food into all their parks, everything is welcomed but glass containers and alcohol.  Save yourself some money and bring along water bottles and your favorite snacks.
  • *If your children want ice cream, splurge and get the bucket!  Who gets to say they ate a bucket of ice cream at Disney?  What a memory from something that is really simple and on a hot summer day will be enjoyed by everyone!  The sand pails of ice cream can be found at Happy Landing Ice Cream.
  • *If you are heading out to Downtown Disney or another park after your day at the water park, there are plenty of showers available to use.  Bring along your toiletry items so you can freshen up.
  • *For the adults, keep in mind that most of the water slides do not allow riders to have exposed metal on their bathing suit.  It will be quite disappointing to wait in line only to be turned away.  And since it is a family friendly park, please give a little thought to the type of swim suit you are wearing.
  • *Don’t pack your good DSLR camera, bring a waterproof device to snap photos because IT WILL get wet!
  • *Take advantage of the PhotoPass photographers at key locations in the park to have great photos taken.
  • *It seems like a no brainer but you are spending the day outside so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen.
  • *Above all, enjoy the ambiance of the deserted island feel and relax!  Be sure to get in a few thrills; the water parks offers even the youngest in your party excitement on the pint size water slides.  But don’t forget to stop and take in the moments.

Flow with the waves and you will create memories that will last long after the sun sets on your beautiful day at Typhoon Lagoon.

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  1. That wave pool looks so fun! Nothing like our skimpy wave pools in Arkansas! We are planning a Disney trip for next year, so I’ll check out the DVD and thanks for the tips.

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