Unique Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Todays post sharing some of our favorite things is sponsored by Uncommon Goods.

There are so many options available when you are looking for fun and unique gift ideas.  I love being able to find things my loved ones will enjoy but that are also meaningful and creative!  If you are not looking for cookie cutter gifts and want something that is fun, unusual and just unique as the recipient, you have to head over to Uncommon Goods.  Here were some of our favorites and what we choose to order.

Gifts for the Creative

I have been a fan of the fun DIY kits at Uncommon Goods for some time.  They just offer so many unique options like this fun Indigo Textile Dye Kit, Solar Photography Kit, DIY Gemstone Soap Kit. After spending quite some time on the site, we decided on the Build Your Own Marble Coaster for Austin.  He spent more than an hour on the site looking at all the fun games and was so excited to settle on the Build Your Own Marble Coaster.

marbleocity coaster

He was surprised that the package was so small but once he pulled out all the pieces he was so excited to get started.  He studied the instructions and was so eager to get started.  He carefully pushed out each piece to the puzzle and started putting the first pieces together.

It wasn’t so hard to put together, but waiting for the glue to dry between each stage was rather difficult.  Each stage required the glue to dry before you go onto the next step.  Once it was completed, Austin couldn’t wait to play with his marble coaster.  We created this short video to show you just how it works.  He was so proud to have completed it all on his own.

uncommon goods

Gifts for the Foodie

There are so many fun gift options for any proper foodie.  Some are premade, ready to eat as soon as it arrives like the Natural Coconut Oil Frosting, Vegan Caramel Sauce, Bourbon Pecan Pie Filling.

After some time, I decided on the Dairy Free Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit, & Craft Beer Pretzel Mix!  With four of our family of six unable to eat dairy, I was so excited to see this kit being offered!  I have made my own cheeses before so I am so anxious to try it out and make pizza for us!  I will update you as soon as I am able to try it out, hopefully this weekend. And we are huge fans of beer bread so the idea of making beer pretzels sounded fun and delicious!

Gifts for Dad

As we searched for something fun for Bryan, the kids thought there were so many fun options.  They liked the Microwave Popcorn Popper, Desktop Golf and Fun Family Bucketlist.  We settled on something rather simple that the children could personalize for their father.  We ordered the Dear Dad Arts and Crafts Book.  It is full of fun, silly prompts to draw and fill-in about your dear dad.  It is a great way for the children to personalize and show how they think of their father.  The kids are super excited about it!

egg tangram set

Gifts for Kids

Since the kids were browsing with me, it was hard to get them to settle.  They wanted everything!  The Circuit Racer Magnetic Block Set caught their eye.  The Ion Glow-In-The-Dark Putty looked exciting as did the Ice Cream Truck Playhouse!  How much fun to pretend to be the ice cream man!

OgoBild Pod was one thing we decided would be fun with creative play!  The children can create so many shapes and use their imaginations to take them places.

The final choice we made was the Egg Tangram Set.  Addie and Miss B love puzzles and we thought they would enjoy figuring out how to place the shapes to create fun animals.  It is amazing how many fun shapes can be made!

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