Up-Cycling: How to Create A Beautiful Bow with a Magazine Page!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle so the saying goes!  But even recycling requires energy to to create another product.  Why not first see what we can re-purpose or up-cycle first?  This is a super easy project to start with!  And this time of year why not save some money creating your own gift bows (and wrapping) that are really cute!

I received my latest edition of Urban Farming and this was one of the suggestions included, so my son & I decided we would give it a go together.  Mine you, he is a three year old so this took about 15 minutes but I think it would take about 5 minutes or less normally!

We used brown paper filler that came in a box from Amazon for our wrapping paper.  It is cute all wrinkled!  Then my son choose a blue magazine page that had whales on it for the bow.
First pick out a magazine cover or a pretty page from a magazine.  Cut four strips 3/4″ to 1″ strips from the longest part of the paper.  You will also need one strip about 4″ so cut one about half the length of the other.
Next, fold over one strip so the edges overlap by about an inch.  
Do the same thing with the next strip overlapping the two so that you have an X.  Staple it in the middle. 
Repeat with the next two strips and staple in the center again.
Next take the 4″ strip and make a loop and staple inside to give the bow a finished look.
If you have a smaller box you can then cut two more strips the length of the paper and wrap them around the box.  Tape or glue your bow on.  You now have a cutely wrapped gift that cost you nothing (I even used free tape) but materials that would have otherwise been recycled! 

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