Upcycled Crayon Stained Glass “Mickey Mouse”

When I saw this idea while I was surfing one evening from Martha Stewart to create a semi stained glass effect with crayon shavings, I knew it would be an awesome idea to use!  Her idea to create hearts was cute (and we did make some to share later!) I wanted to use the opportunity to create a Disney craft as we have been talking about our upcoming Disney trip almost daily.

This craft is truly simple but takes a little time. Most families have the supplies you need right on hand, so this would be a perfect rainy day craft!

Supplies Needed

  • Wax Paper
  • Broken Crayons
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Iron
  • Kraft Paper or Newspaper


We started our morning off with sorting our crayons on the floor and pulling out all the broken pieces.  We had many as I had picked up a container at a yard sale a while back for crayon crafts for under $1.

Then we sorted our crayons and decided which colors we wanted to use.  Addie quickly came around the corner with Mickey and decided we needed to use black, red, yellow and white.  This was the most time consuming part, but only because I was running in place and exercising as we sharpened our crayons to collect the shavings.

Once I finished each color, I placed the shavings into an egg carton that I had cut in half.  It worked well and contained all the crayon shavings.

Cut off your wax paper.  Fold it in half length wise and create a crease; then unfold.

I gave each of the children a piece of wax paper and they spread their shavings on them.  You want to sprinkle them evenly and try to not bunch to many up in the same spot.  (We did several larger and several smaller pieces.  I though using a 12″ piece or smaller worked much better.)

For Mickey we used the red, yellow, black and white.  After doing a few we realized they looked a bit nicer with less black and more vibrant colors.

After you have your shavings organized, fold in each of the edges about a half of an inch to not loose all your shavings on the floor.

Since you are going to heat the wax to melt it, be sure to protect your iron and ironing board.  I didn’t have any craft paper on hand so I used two 12-by-12 scrap scrap-booking pages but you can also use newspaper.  Using your iron on low-medium heat, run your iron over the sheet of paper once or twice.  Do not keep your iron in a single spot longer than a second or two.  Check it and run the iron over it again if more heat if needed.  (Note: I used the wool setting on my iron but you do not want any steam.)

Let your pieces cool down.  To be honest at this point I was a little disappointed at how they looked.  I didn’t think they were that pretty but the kids were so excited I didn’t say anything.  The lighter colored pieces looked so much prettier, so we started using less black.

Now was time to cut!  You could really use any circular object to trace your patterns but I used circle patterns I have for scrap-booking to outline.

We cut out nine Mickey Mouse heads.  Although Addie loves to cut, she doesn’t quite get cutting on an outline yet.  Austin did a great job helping me cut them out.

Our original idea was to hang them from stings in the window, the ears were a little too large to support themselves standing up.  As our alternative, we decided to use double sided tape to tape them directly to the picture window in Austin’s room.  with Mickey’s help, Austin placed each one in the window.  By this time it was dark and we couldn’t admire them fully but the children were proud and excited of our new creations.

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