UpCycled Piggy Bank Project

Our tomatoes last year were really a huge flop.  Our weather was so crazy I think that may have had something to do with it.  I had huge beautiful plants 8+ feet tall but the blooms would die before they turned into fruit.  So I purchased a large quantity of canned Muir Glen organic tomatoes to hold us over this winter.  Addie had been asking for a piggy bank so we decided we would repurpose one of the cans to be used.

I did have step by step photos but somehow I just deleted them 🙁  I will do my best to explain the steps.

First I had Addie pick out a fabric that she liked.  Then we picked (from my stash) a few pink buttons and pink felt.  I cut the fabric so that it would wrap around the can with a one inch overhang to glue the seams.  I measured the height of the can and then added four inches to tuck inside the can to cover all the edges, just in case they were still a little sharp.

First I lined the fabric up at the bottom of the can and hot glued it in 1-2 inch increments, gently pulling to make sure the fabric is snug.  I glued all the way around the can.  Next I glued the horizontal seams, starting first with the inside fabric and then covering with the finished piece gluing 1-2 inches at a time.  Then tuck the excess fabric down inside the can.  You can secure it with a few dabs of glue to hold it down.

Next I used a small amount of the fabric and cut a flower shape with three to four petals.  You can make a pattern if you would like but I wanted them to all be different so I cute them free-handed.  Cut the same amount of flowers from the coordinating color to overlay your flowers.  Place a single dab of glue in the center of the solid color fabric flower.  Overlay the coordinating flower.  Then adhere the button with a small amount of glue in the center.  Place the flowers where you wish, adhering them with glue.

You can now either use it as a very cute pen holder or trace the can for a circle pattern then cut out slightly larger.  Cut a slit in the center with scissors 1″ wide.  Using your hot glue gun, glue 1″ at a time until you have glued the top on.

In about 20-30 minutes, depending on how much “help” you have, you have turned your can you would have recycled into a very cute piggy bank!   Sorry I didn’t have how to pics but this is a very easy project.

2 thoughts on “UpCycled Piggy Bank Project”

    1. Addie & Austin both really enjoyed helping. It was so simple and we came out out with a cute piggy bank (minus the piggy) 🙂

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