Upcycled Washi Tape Homemade Pencil Holder

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Can you believe we are talking back-to-school?  I mean, didn’t summer just start?  Growing up, I remember being excited, yet very nervous about gong back to school.  Getting to shop for back-to-school gear and supplies was the highlight of going back.

My kids have been excited, really excited!  The day our books arrived, we were sitting down for lunch and Miss Addie told me (rather decisively I might add) that today we were starting school.  She was smiling from ear to ear and ready to start handwriting as soon as we were finished.  I returned the smile and responded rather quickly that it wasn’t quite time yet.  She was a bit disappointed.

We needed to get ready I explained.  We needed to still purchase a few school supplies and get our school stations ready.  With having a first grader and a kindergartener this year, being organized is going to be the key that keeps us on track.

upcycled pencil holder #ad
When I was challenged to reuse Stonyfield yogurt cups, I knew exactly what we would use them for, homemade pencil holders!  They are super easy, you need a few empty, clean yogurt cups, washi tape and scissors.

upcycled-yogurt-pencil-cups (11 of 8)
First, peel off the outer plastic label.  It pulls away very easily after you create a small snip the bottom away.

upcycled-yogurt-pencil-cups (12 of 8)
We used two alternating patterns of washi tape the children choose but one would also work great.

upcycled-yogurt-pencil-cups (14 of 8)
To get the washi tape smooth, work the tape only about an inch at a time and smooth it out as you go.  We alternated starting at the top first, creating three circles.

upcycled-yogurt-pencil-cups (17 of 8)
Each of the children decorated one of their own.  They were proud of how they turned out and quickly started filling them with supplies.  They are actually the perfect size for crayons but we are always looking for pencils so this homemade pencil holder was perfect for us!

upcycled-yogurt-pencil-cups (15 of 8)
These took about five minutes with the children helping. We upcycled our yogurt cups and helped with our organization for school. After we made three, Austin decided he next needed to eat the large, 32 ounce container of Stonyfield yogurt so we could decorate a big container to hold more markers.

What fun ways do you upcycle your Stonyfield yogurt containers?

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  1. I can see decorating them and putting paperclips, rubberbands and other small office supplies in them. I have tons of those things in random places in my office.

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