How to Update or Repurpose an Outdated Ceiling Fan

We have been in the remodeling mode in our home for the entire time we have owned it, almost eight years!  It is amazing to think about how fast the time has flown but the remodeling process, well that is another (series) of blog posts!

Several years ago we wanted to put ceiling fans into all the rooms but were really short on cash so we purchased three very inexpensive white ceiling fans that were on sale for $14.97 for the bedrooms.  They are small, but they work.  They are not very cute, nor sophisticated or stylish, but they work.  They were only going to be temporary until we finished the rooms, then we planned to update them.  Well, one of the three has been updated, the one in our master bedroom as it did stop working.

The other two, well it has been hard for me to justify replacing them as they still work just fine (not cute, but none-the-less still work!)  I can tell I have a little burst of energy and am starting to enter my nesting period because I have a list of 100 things I want completed before the new baby comes home towards the end of the summer.

Updating a Ceiling Fan

GE lighting challenged me to repurpose or reuse something when it came to lighting and of course I was up for the challenge!  At the same time I am working on a project with Glidden’s new Disney paint line and the idea just came together that re-doing, re-purposing Addie’s fan would be an awesome idea!

So this is what we started with!  Yeah, told you it wasn’t very cute, just a plain old basic fan.  Again, since it still is functioning it was hard to say just to junk it.  So Bryan pulled took off the globe and then unscrewed the fan blades for me.  Can I tell you I was in total shock at the amount of dust that had collected on the top of the blades!   I made a mental note that I need to take down the blades of all the other fans for a good thorough cleaning.

Once they were all down, we unscrewed the metal piece that attach the actual fan blade to the fan itself.

Addie wanted to be totally involved and since I let her even pick the color of her paint, I laid them out on newspaper and let Addie go to town painting them pink!  I wanted a deeper pink but she totally loved the lighter, Sweetest Pink from the Disney Paint line.  I was good with whatever, it was going to be so cute.

After she painted them, I smoothed all the paint out to dry.  Once they dried we applied a second coat of paint.

They were very cute painted pink but the idea was to do something a little different!  We had purchased the Speck-Tacular accent paint (also from the Glidden Disney Paint line) for a project and decided to add it to the fan for some fun Speck-Tacular sparkles.  I wasn’t sure exactly how this would turn out but my Miss Addie was totally convinced that she needed a fan with sparkles!

Again, I let her get to painting.  Even at the ripe ole age of three she is very independent and loves to be hands on.  The Speck-tacular finish is white going on and then dries clear with the sparkles shinning through.  That made it very easy for Addie to make sure she didn’t miss an area so it could all sparkle!   I smoothed the paint out after she was finished and happy with her work.

We let the blades dry overnight and then reattached them to the metal pieces that attach them to the fans.  They turned out totally cute with the sparkles!

I have always hated the cheap globes the fans came with so we headed out to purchase a new light kit to update the fan with.  I was shocked that the only one I really liked was $39!  Even the cheaper light kits were $29 and they were not cute.  I tried to think of what else we could do and then I spotted this speckled globe and decided it would be really cute with our sparkling fan!

We changed out the globe and this is what our finished project looked like!  What a big difference over the blah white ceiling fan that hung here two days ago!   Addie is totally in love with her new pink sparkling fan!

With purchasing the new globe and a package of light-bulbs for the fan we were out a total of $14.62 for this project since we used paint that we had purchased for another project!  I love that we not only updated her look but we also were able to re-use what we already had on hand!

Note to self of things I would do differently next time:

  • Move the wet fan blades to new, paint-free paper once they were painted.  The edges stuck to the paper once they were dry since Addie used lots of paint and I filed them down so they were more finished looking.
  • Don’t paint outside on a windy day 🙂  We are finally starting to get warmer and I couldn’t help but want to be outside while painting.  Since the wind was blowing we ended up with specks of dirt blowing into the paint and having to wipe them down and redo the Speck-ta-cular finish!

What type of upcylcing or refinishing projects have you undertaken?

10 thoughts on “How to Update or Repurpose an Outdated Ceiling Fan”

  1. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? We moved in 3 years ago and I still have the same projects needing to be done. Love the paint and glitter that you chose. My daughter would adore a ceiling fan like that.

    1. Time seems to disappear but truthfully we have had major set-backs when we had to tear so many things out due to mold! Other than two bathrooms we are getting close with major things and will have finishing things left! I can’t wait!

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