Using Photos to Create with the HP Social Media Snapchat App

As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products to host and create fun #StickaPic projects.  The opinions expressed in this post is my own.

HP Snapchat app display

Most all of us love to snap photos.  The photo scene has changed a great deal in the last 10-15 years.  Even in the last 5 years it is changed a great deal.  You no longer have to take a roll of 35mm film in to be developed and patiently wait to see if the pictures came out clearly.  Remember those days?  I had more than my fair share of black or overexposed photos.

Now, everything is instant.  You don’t even have to carry around a big camera to get pretty great photos, most smart phones come equipped with pretty decent cameras.  With social media, you can snap your photo and share it with family and friends and in an instant, they can share in the moment with you.  I love that!

The problem arises that most of us love to take and share our photos, but I am sure that I am not the only one that is terrible about actually printing those photos out and displaying them.   Other than a few for projects, it has been years since I have printed photos, even to display.

HPSnapchat app

Not anymore!  HP created an awesome app called the HP Social Media Snapshot app.  It allows you to print directly from your smart phone to your printer.  It is seriously easy!  You download the app and then it will give you the options to choose a social account or browse your photos on your phone.  It prints in a Polaroid style and you have the option to change the layout and add comments.

HP Snapshot #Stickapic party

HP art suppliesHP Social Media Snapshots paper

I was challenged to host a #StickAPrint party and get crafty to celebrate the new HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper.  What is special about this photo paper you ask?  Let me tell you!  It is sticky!  Imagine the fun projects you could create when you just peel the backside off the photo and stick!  It makes life so easy and my thoughts started churning with ideas.  It needed to be simple, so that others could also make one in a relatively short amount of time but also uber cute.

hp photo wall hanging

I decided on a wall hanging that I could display and easily change out photos with our favorite current moments.  If you needed to purchase all the supplies it would cost about $8-$9 each to make.  Get all the details and instructions here.

hp wall display supplies

For the children, after we discussed a few ideas they were stuck on simple photo books.  My kids have what they consider to be treasures.  They have their favorite souvenirs that are special to them so they loved the idea of having a mini photo book that was solely their own.  As we sorted through the hundreds of photos we took at Disney I realized just how much we needed to print our photos.  The kids spent days reliving the moments with, “Do you remember?”

HP title photobook_1020

When they sat down to make their books they told all the stories again.  And the Snapshots paper, well it is purely awesome for scrapbooks.  I was able to give them their supplies and turn them loose to put their personal touches on them.  They couldn’t have been prouder of how they turned out.  They already decided their next books would be of family photos of the last month since Caleb has been born.  Check out how we made the photo books here.

The HP Social Media Snapshot app is free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes.  You can purchase the HP Social Media Snapshot photo paper from Staples.  It comes in a 4′ x 5″ size and is amazing!  I can’t wait to get my office/creative space set up so I can decorate it with my favorite moments!

How would you use the HP Snapshot photo paper?

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