Why it is valueable to find an accurate resistivity meter

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When you need new equipment for your business to measure earth resistivity, look for the most accurate and reliable tools that you will use for years to come.

Taking the time and effort to look for a Super Sting R8 IP or any resistivity meter at AIG or another reputable seller is the best way to take accurate readings while saving time, personnel budget and manually implemented resources.

The Super Stinger R8 IP is a cutting-edge and state-of-the-art earth resistivity meter that features multiple channel portable memory to store multiple readings and user defined cycles of measurement. Capture up to eight channels with this high power earth resistivity meter.

While you prepare to monitor water quality, calibration solutions and more, you want to find the most efficient ways to streamline your efforts in the field. With high speeds and high calibration, you will find just what you and your team need to speed up the process of imaging surveys. Use 12 volt or 24 volt batteries for just the right amount of power that you might need for any given project and its scope.

With rugged construction, feel confident in the Super Stinger that you will be using it for many years into the future of your business. Take it into any field environment and any conditions and know that it will easily withstand any stress you give it.

Use the simple menu driven system to guide the Super Stinger to record water prospecting numbers as well as perform environmental assessments, bedrock studies, civil engineering studies, materials testing, pavement design, mineral prospecting and other geological and geotechnical mapping activities.

Prepare before you and your team head out into the field by loading from a PC program into the resistivity meter once you are out in the field. In addition to the automated capability options that the Super Stinger offers, you can also do manual readings by using the included four banana pole screws at the top of the measuring instrument where you can connect current and potential electrodes.

Get your readings even if you are out working late into the evenings in the field since the Super Stinger features a graphics LCD display at 16 lines by 30 characters and includes a night-light. The weatherproof keypad is one more feature that lets you know that you will be buying the best in durability, accuracy and simplicity with your resistivity meter.

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