Save Money with a Simple Switch to Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans

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Why I Decided to Try Walmart Family Mobile!

I am a frugal person and always looking to save money whenever possible, so it is only natural to always be on the lookout for ways we can save with regards to our cell phones.  Having had AT&T for years after moving to Arkansas we have been very happy with the coverage, just not the price!  Let’s face it, we have no cell phone coverage at our home even with the best wireless plan, that comes with living in the country.  With our previous AT&T plan the first phone was $69.99 a month and then $9.99 for the additional phones.  That price doesn’t seem all that bad for unlimited plans but considering it doesn’t include data or texts it is on the high side.

We have been discussing the idea of a pre-paid cell service for quite a while.  With being pregnant with our 3.0, I didn’t want to compromise having good quality service and a very reliable phone.  Hubby is actually trying out one right now that he really likes.  During one of my recent trips to Walmart I decided I would check out the cheap wireless plan options offered through pre-paid carriers.  My eyes were drawn to the Walmart Family Mobile plan offered by T-Mobile, even though it is technically not a pre-paid service rather a no contact service!  You receive a bill at the end of every month via a text, but there are no contracts so you simply can cancel or continue.

Cheap Wireless Plan, Lowest Price Rate Plan, Unlimited Plans, Best Wireless

Reasons I was drawn to the Walmart Family Mobile plan:

  • Unlike other providers, you can bring your own phone with you!
  • No Annual Contracts
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Overages
  • No Surprise Bills

Getting started was a simple process and really affordable.  (Let me clarify.  It is simple if you do your part and bring an unlocked phone.  I had a bit of complications because my new to me Samsung Galaxy SIII was locked.  Once we were past that, it was a breeze!)

galaxy, Cheap Wireless Plan, Lowest Price Rate Plan, Unlimited Plans, Best Wireless

I found the Walmart Family Mobile to be the lowest price no contact rate plan when comparing the other unlimited pre-paid cell phone plans.  For only $40 a month you receive Unlimited Talk, Text & Web!  And then you can add additional lines for $35 each per month.  To make it even easier, you have access to online management and account information as soon as you activate your phone.

They have lots of options if you are looking to add your children to your plans but want to still be able to set controls.  You can set limits on the types and times certain usages can be accessed (such as school and homework time), block certain web content and limit the minutes or texts used by one line.

 Then they also offer more options you can add onto your unlimited package such as a Family Speed Boost that adds additional 1GB or 3GB data speed once you have reached your 3GB data speed limit or an Extras Pack that can be used for purchasing ringtones or games and even international roaming and long distance international calling.

Cheap Wireless Plan, Lowest Price Rate Plan, Unlimited Plans, Best Wireless

There are three easy steps to get started:

  • Select your phone!
  • Buy a starter kit for each phone – $25 for each with a Sim card included
  • Activate your new plan – instore, online or by phone

I choose to activate my new Samsung Galaxy SIII instore.  I had a very helpful cashier that made several phone calls for me to get me all set up!  I didn’t have to sign a two-year contract to start my service and for that I was extremely thankful.  It truly was a pretty simple process that was painless.  You can see my full #FamilyMobileSaves shopping experience in my Google + album.

I had played with my new phone the evening prior to activating it and I can tell you I am already in love!  Last week while attending the SoFabCon blogging conference it was my constant companion.  The Wifi was amazingly simple and I love the swiping ability when typing.  It made using social media a breeze!  I will be posting more about the phone in a few weeks when I have a little more experience with it but I am beyond excited to be using it now.   The camera is great quality and I can’t wait to make really good use of it with the kids this summer and welcoming our 3.0 into our lives.

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16 thoughts on “Save Money with a Simple Switch to Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans”

  1. This sounds like a such an affordable plan! I never would have guessed that a no-contract plan would be compatible with great smart phones, like the Galaxy SIII. We have that model within our family and we just love it! I’ve been a bit skeptical about no contract service so I’m looking forward to reading more about your experience! Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  2. This could be the answer our family is looking for! I’ve just got to check to make sure it has good service in our neck of the woods!

  3. So I am confused (which is easy when it comes to technology), the plan you’re on has unlimited data but you can buy a 1G or 3G data speed once you reach your limit? How exactly would you reach your speed limit? I’m super interested in this plan and so glad you posted about it!

    1. I was a little puzzled by this as well but it has to do with the speed of the data download. The actual web is truly unlimited but it is referring to the speed. It comes with 250 MB of 3G data, then I assume once you reach that limit you are bumped down to regular surfing. You can pay to upgrade to the 3G data speed for $10 or $20 depending on your usage. Hope that answers your question!

  4. I am in a contracted plan right now, but have had both no-contract and contract phones. I actually do prefer the no-contract phones, and would probably go back to it eventually.

  5. I actualy just set this up for my husband’s helper at work. It was very simple to set up and he loves the phone!

  6. First, my husband just got the S III while I was at SoFabCon… and he loves it! Second, I love that there are no overages or surprises. I hate getting bills and being in “sticker shock” over the things that have been added to it. Thanks for all of the great information. Something to look into for sure.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! We went with a no-contract service a few years ago and I did a lot of research before hand. Unfortunately, I don’t think I realized the Walmart plan allowed you to carry your own phone over. We are still in a no-contract service with a new company (and new phones), but I think we pay more than what the Walmart plan offers. I will have to do some further digging and see about switching over! Thanks so much for all the information!

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