Walt Disney World Through Our Eyes and WDW’s Sustainability Focus-Part 2

Our evening was spent at Epcot. I love Epcot, the Food & Wine Festival, the Flowers & Garden Festival are amazing, lots of great memories have been made at Epcot.  Tonight though was all about meeting Mickey and Minnie.  We had dinner inside the Land, one pf my favorite spots at Disney (their hydroponic garden are amazing!)  As we were eating dinner Addie spilled chocolate milk all down the front of her clothing.  We had just changed out of wet clothes and didn’t have another pair.  It was 8:30pm and the lines stop forming to meet the characters at 9pm.

We decided Daddy would wait in line with Aunt Pam and Pops and Abuela and I would run to find Addie something to wear.  Do you know we couldn’t find a single 3T t-shirt anywhere in the place!  We settled on a pair of Minnie pj’s and we were off!

In the craziness, I didn’t realize that I still had my camera on low lighting setting so the pics didn’t come out sharp but the excitement shows through!
First up was Mickey of course.  The kids could hardly handle the anticipation of waiting behind the line on the floor.  Addie stood in front of him just staring.  She wanted to touch his face and hug and kiss him.  Austin made sure to get his hugs in too!

Next was our dear Minnie.  Addie was delighted beyond words.  Whoever was inside was so sweet as she kissed Addie’s cheek several times, it was priceless.

The children refer to Donald as Duck the Donald.  Austin just had to touch his beak.  He just couldn’t resist!

Pluto was Austin’s favorite!  Maybe because he remembered meeting him the year before, or maybe because he just couldn’t help touching that long red tongue.  Either way, at the end of the 20 minutes it took to meet the characters, it made the entire day worth every moment!  It was truly priceless!

After we left we went on to ride Spaceship Earth, which Austin loved!   We then made our way over to Nemo and to visit the Sea.  They have a great aquarium display that the children loved even more coming from our trip to the Georgia Aquarium the week before.  The day was long and tiring, hot and very wet but we made great memories and can’t wait to go back for an entire Disney vacation.  Bryan and I have done mini Disney vacations before the children were born and now is time to go back with the children!

Walt Disney’s Sustainability

Green Hotels

All official Walt Disney World hotels have received “green” certification by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and are designated as Green Lodge hotels. In order to be considered for the certification, hotels must adhere to a set list of requirements, including conservation of water through the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures, a linen reuse program, and the use of energy-efficient and programmable thermostats. Waste-reduction criteria must also be met. In addition, all Green Lodges must use green cleaning supplies and high-efficiency air filters.+

Our favorite hotels are Disney’s laid back Port Orleans (Riverside) and Coronado Springs.  When we would go as a family before I was married we stayed at Port Orleans and the Animal Kingdom Lodge have great memories of our stays.  Bryan and I went back after we had moved to Arkansas in 200 to see Star Wars weekends and stayed at Coronado Springs and loved it!  One day we would love to try the Wilderness Lodge, it is so beautiful.

Disney's-Wilderness-Lodge-EntranceBy Micha L. Rieser (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This visit we were not planning on staying on property since we added our Atlanta stop onto our trip but my in-laws booked us rooms at the All-Star Music.  We were extremely thankful they did!   It was so nice at the end of the long day to be able to take a bus back to the hotel and crash.  The rooms were nice and fairly basic but had plenty of room and everything we needed.  Let me explain the basic part, when you have stayed at other Disney hotels these to me are more like an average hotel room than a Disney hotel but they are very nice.  The food court was great and the children were excited to eat Mickey waffles.   Even the swimming pools went right along with the theme, a giant piano!   For a family looking to save a little but still have a Disney experience, you will not be disappointed with the moderate hotels!  We would stay here again in the future easily.

Food Waste

The Disney Harvest program reduces food waste by gathering excess prepared food from Walt Disney World Resort kitchens and distributing it through the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.  In 2011, Disney Harvest donated more than 340,000 pounds of food to the hungry in Central Florida and as a result more than 1,000 local children are fed weekly.

Echo Lake at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Jedi94 at English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Water Conservation

Walt Disney World Resort’s approach to water conservation begins with using less water where possible and maximizing use of reclaimed water.  The Walt Disney World Resort uses more than two billion gallons of reclaimed water a year for the irrigation of their landscape, the washing of their buses and cleaning the streets at theme parks and resorts. This amount of water could fill Spaceship Earth roughly 129 times and accounts for approximately 30 percent of the resort’s overall needs and 80 percent of its irrigation needs.

There are many other ways Disney has made changes to be a more sustainable resort.  They are striving to continually make changes to lessen their environmental impact.  Be sure to check back as I will share with you changes that Disney as a company is continuing to make to not only make our Disney experiences but our earth we call home a more magical place.

What changes are you inspired to make?


I was provided with Media rate tickets.  I was not obligated to write about my experience.  All opinions expressed, as always are my own.

Fact Sources: Frommers, WDW

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  1. I love your family pictures with the characters. So fun! I didn’t know Disney’s conservation efforts were so widespread. This is wonderful that they are doing what they can to make a difference. It’s inspiring and makes me want to stay on property next time we visit.

  2. Wow….I love the pic of that hotel…so beautiful. I think it’s great that such a big company is taking so many steps to help out the community, operate sustainably, and create less waste. Thanks for the information.

    1. I was delighted to find out also! Disney makes such incredible dishes in such a large scale way and think about how thankful those children are to receive food they wouldn’t have otherwise received.

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