Want Creativity and Hours of Fun-in a Pouch? @Tegu Review #ngfamily


I have seen the famous Tegu blocks online many times.  I knew that without a shadow of a doubt my children would love them.  Wooden blocks with magnets placed inside, what child would love them?  These are no ordinary blocks and Tegu is not just another company.

The name “Tegu” is taken from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where they create and source the materials for their wooden blocks.

Tegu offers no instruction manuals or electronics, just toys that demand imagination and inspire limitless creativity for children of all ages, including the big ones!   Our society is sorely lacking in this department in the electronic era we now live in.  It is amazing how little it really takes to entertain little ones!  Check out Austin playing with his Tegu blocks.


We love them.  We have had hours of creative play with our Tegu blocks.  I actually feel good about letting my little ones enjoy themselves with Tegu magnetic wooden blocks.

Tegu’s Sustainability

Tegu has taken great strides in building a product portfolio and their brand around natural and non-toxic materials.  Using hardwoods from Honduras that are sustainably harvested.  They create their toys from wood that is obviously natural, the magnets are safely enclosed inside the wood and the coatings used are water-based and non-toxic.

You are not only providing your child with a sustainable heirloom toy, but you are also contributing to the community that Tegu has provided in Honduras where their blocks are manufactured.  I would so encourage you to watch this 3 minute video and be prepared to be touched.  As a society, we don’t always think about how the products we are purchasing effect the environment, but even more so, is the lack of connection to the ones that actually make the products.  This Tegu video shows just how much impact these blocks can have, not just on your children, but also to those that are making them and their families as well.

Connect with Tegu

Tegu sells their blocks online and through many eco-conscious retailers.   Please be sure to follow their YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all the amazing things you can create with Tegu blocks as well as Facebook.

What was something that impressed you in the video?

 PhotobucketWin Tegu!

I am so excited to tell you that Tegu will be a sponsor in the upcoming Noise Girls “For the Family” event!  You won’t want to miss all the amazing items that will be offered as Tegu has offered the same Pocket Prism Pouch set as we received.  Make sure you come back on September 1st to enter for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!  Be sure to follow Tegu on Facebook and YouTube to get a head start on the giveaway entries.

Disclosure:  We were provided with a set of Tegu blocks to review.  All opinions are 100% those of myself and my children.

38 thoughts on “Want Creativity and Hours of Fun-in a Pouch? @Tegu Review #ngfamily”

  1. I never heard about those wooden blocks with magnets in it. Those would be awesome, especially for smaller kids 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. sheila musselman askins

    kids are way to electronic driven ..its nice to see something that just simply wants them to use their imagination!

  3. very cool… and again, neat that they are made of wood and helping workers in Honduras too, by giving them a job making awesome toys

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun! My daughters LOVE playing with blocks and I think the magnets inside are a really cool idea!

  5. Alexandra Pitcher

    I love getting my little guy simple toys; he plays so much longer with them then he does the complex things with batteries, lights and hundreds of buttons. These blocks look amazing!

  6. Wow, what wonderful things this company is doing to help others! And I LOVE the idea of wooden blocks with magnets inside, it sounds like so much fun for kids, a little something different and a twist on an old toy!

  7. That little set looks like it’d be perfect to take with to places like restaurants or church. I love how eco-conscious they are and that their toys are all-natural and non-toxic. There’s a special place in my heart for basic wooden blocks like this! 🙂

  8. These look fun for everyone in my family. I like how they have magnet in them. My son is a little builder so he would love these

  9. I love that these blocks are handmade, not made in a factory. Just like when I purchase something from a WAHM, I know I’m actually supporting someone who needs the money rather than just filling the pockets of some distant CEO. I also love that they’re wooden instead of plastic.

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