Juggling Baby and Keeping Little Ones Warm

I was provided with a TrailHopper to review.  No other compensation was provided!

trailhopper-review-ourhomemadelife (11 of 4) Juggling more than one child at a time can prove to be challenging.  Now that Bethany has started to be quite the wiggle worm, just hanging on to her can prove to be a feat.  She, just like her big sister kicks off blanket while sleeping.  Not just once, but over and over again!  We have yet to reach the time of year when that is an issue, but the cooler autumn days, followed by the cold of winter will be here before we realize it.

In an effort to be prepared, I have been sorting and washing the children’s fall and winter clothing.  I am proud to say that both Austin and Addie have clean cooler weather clothing.  We need just a few pieces to have their cooler season wardrobes completed.  Little Miss B on the other hand needs just a few more things.  Some I plan to make, like more leggings from t-shirt sleeves so her little legs stay nice and warm, and a few other pieces will need to be purchased.

One of the items I can now cross of my list is a winter a fleece winter jumpsuit for Bethany thanks to TrailHopper.  I had been looking online for a cold weather jumpsuit that would allow me to keep her warm in her car seat, in the stroller and in my baby carrier.

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Most of the infant jumpsuits are uber thick and cubersome but the TrailHopper was created by a Colorado Mom.  She saw the need for a blanket that didn’t require hands, one that could be worn with a car seat and easily layered.  I love that it zips down the middle of the chest with wide arm openings to ensure that the on/off process is easy.  The TrailHopper is a great, hands-free way to keep your little explorer bundled up, right down to their toes.

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The TrailHoppers is made from USA sourced breathable Polartec® fleece. While the arms are not covered for ease of use, there is a toe flap that easily covers their little feet for warmth, catches socks that wiggle off, or opens up to set them free to explore. It comes with a durable stuff sack for an easy storage!  Can you tell it was invented by a mom?

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TrailHoppers are a convenient, simple solution for parents and little explorers on the move.  With wooden floors, we have days that are bit cold and on those days, fleece is a great option for warmth.  I love that I don’t have to worry about tucking the baby in a blanket.  With a swift zip, the baby is ready for her adventure.  And stays warm too!

What adventures would you take the TrailHopper on?

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