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Can I just say I am beyond thrilled to seem to have graduated from the big purple dinosaur! Addie has a new found love, Doc McStuffins! And I just have to say, it couldn’t have come at a better time. On a recent visit to Arkansas Children’s Hospital we stopped at a store and Addie picked out a toy she wanted if she was “brave” at the Doctor, it happened to be a Doc McStuffins doctor kit.

Although she didn’t know it, her Pappy has such a soft heart and happened to get it without her knowing it. (I don’t usually bribe my children but you have to know how terrified Addie is of doctors and rightfully so.)


She was very BRAVE and the visit went well. Needless to say she loved her new doctor kit and was having fun giving everyone shots. The day the latest Doc McStuffins movie arrived both my kids were so excited! They watched it, and watched it and wanted to watch it some more. I have to admit, it is totally adorable. Check out the preview for yourself below.

Just a few days after receiving our Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic DVD Addie was hospitalized. The clip below was something we say in the hospital to try to get her to stay calm. The episode with Dress Up Daisy was by far her favorite, so it was perfect!

Here is the low-down:  Doc McStuffins is back to save the day and this time, she is mobile!  After building a mobile clinic with her dad, Doc is able to make house calls to help toys in need when she’s away from her own backyard clinic.  The Doc Mobile comes equipped with everything she needs to fix toys good as new.

There are five episodes included:

1 – Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile / Chip Off the Ol’ Box

2 – Doc to The Rescue / Don’t Knock the Noggin

3 – Out of The Box / Run Down Race Car

4 – Rescue Rhonda, Ready For Takeoff / All Washed Up

5 – Rest Your Rotors, Rhonda! / Keep on Truckin’

If you have a little one, they will not be disappointed!  Just be prepared with your own, big book of boo boos!

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