Ways to Make Your Children Feel Good About Wearing Glasses

As a mom of four, Back-to-School time can be a bit crazy. We homeschool, so you would think it would be like any other time of the year, but it isn’t. It is still busy! It isn’t rushing around to make sure we get all the school clothes, but we do cash in on many of the awesome clothing deals to be found. We do purchase school supplies like other families during back-to-school to save money. Since we are schooling at home, we have to purchase everything we need. Then there is the topic of curriculum and purchasing what we will need to properly teach the children. Yes, the back-to-school season is so very busy for us.


Like many families, we also do our annual routine eye exams.  Being a licensed Optician myself, I know just how important it is to have our children’s eyes examined, even if they do not seem to need glasses.  The reason being, children grow up accepting the world around them the way it is presented to them, because they do not know any different.

I came from a family that everyone wore glasses.  During the summer of my second grade year I had my first eye exam.  It turned out, I needed glasses in a bad way!  I had learned to accept the world around me, but when it finally came time that I needed to actually be able to see the board to function in class, I couldn’t.  When my first pair of light blue, huge plastic frames came in, I was able to see the leaves in the trees for the first time.  Seriously!  It was mind-blowing.  I knew what leaves looked like, I had seen them up close but I didn’t realize you should be able to see such detail from afar.  I was able to see so much that summer from a distance for the very first time.  When time rolled around for school to start, sadly, I slipped my glasses in their case and was very embarrassed to wear them.  Since them I have worn glasses over a quarter of a century (ouch) and have worn every style imaginable and they have become part of me.


Fast forward to having children of my own and I started taking them for their own eye exams at the age of four.  I watched for other signs to see if they needed them prior to that as well.  Austin, our oldest needed glasses for reading!  He was excited actually.  He had been having headaches and the thought of eyeglasses helping made him excited.  At that point, both his father and I wore glasses, they were a part of life.  We explained to him that there wasn’t anything wrong with him because he needed glasses.  The eyes are a muscle and occasionally are a little weak or too tight, and need a little help to see things properly.  Make them normal to your children.


Let them have a say in picking out their own glasses.  (If you don’t, they will likely end up in their case or a backpack or missing!)  Letting them actually take part in picking out their own frames goes a long way to making them comfortable.  Most of us are on a budget, some of us on a very tight budget and that may seem like it isn’t an option, but JCPenney’s Back to School Sale makes it possible!  You can score a full pair of prescription eyeglasses for $39.99.  It even includes a free eyeglass protection plan (to protect against kids just being kids). (Valid for kids 16 and under.)

Make the process fun!  Picking out glasses doesn’t have to be a chore, make it fun!  If you are able, pick out a new outfit that they feel like matches their new look.  Eyewear is now fashionable so let it become part of their fashion.  They will be more confident wearing their new eyewear if they feel like themselves.


If you as a parent wear glasses, pick out yours at the same time.  Trying on frames can be a lot of fun with a friend and who better to bounce fun fashion ideas off of than someone who sees you every day.  During the Back to School sale at JCPenney’s, moms are not left out on the awesome sales.  It is a great time for mom to score a pair of fashion eyewear for herself at a great value.  The frames pictured are a metal semi-rimless frame with plastic temples from JCPenney.  Right now they are a part of the Labor Day Sale where you can get 60% off 1 pair. (offer valid through 9/9)


When it all comes down to it, as a child or adult, we need to be comfortable in our own skin.  Getting glasses, especially the first time can be rather difficult on a child.  Doing a few extra things can help make wearing glasses for children easier.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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