We Love Our Safari Kiwi Crate Box

This is our third Kiwi Crate box that we have received for the  children and this was by far their favorite!  They loved last months box with the “glowbug” but this box was made for my kids!

The theme for the month was “Safari” and one of the included activities was to build a cardboard Jeep.  Austin was excited to pull out all the rivets, stickers and various pieces needed to build our jeep.  He helped me put together the tires and place the velcro where it needed to be.  He and Addie even added the finishing touches on by placing the stickers to make it a real “jeep” with lights!  (Sticker lights that is, but to Austin he didn’t care)!

Clearly, the kids enjoyed building the jeeps!  Now on to the next activity!

I didn’t let the children know that there were many more animals in the box, well actually I didn’t even realize it but they each had three animals that we punched out and they got to stamp.  My children love to use stamps and even better as the kit came with wooden blocks and many styrofoam shapes.  They felt so special to build their own stamps.  We used our green tissue paper underneath as grass and to help absorb some of the extra ink that would miss the animals 🙂

Once we were finished with these animals it was quite late and I decided we would save the others for another day.  I love that the packages come with a little booklet with even more craft projects ideas that are simple everyday items you would have at home.

While they didn’t quite understand the idea of taking a “Safari” ride in the jeep to look for the animals, they did think it was pretty cool to give their new animals a ride!

When the children saw their green box on the counter today, they knew what it was!  It comes addressed to the children and the excitement begins!  Now is a great time with the kids being off school to give Kiwi Crate a try!  You can actually sign up to receive a Kiwi Crate box for $9.95 for your first month, by using this link to sign-up!  There is no promo code required and you can cancel at any time.  The Kiwi Crate boxes are usually $19.95 shipped.  They have an add on option to have more supplies shipped for a second child, which I do so I can have two of everything for a small additional fee.  Although we would do fine with one, the children are so excited to have their own and I love the hands on time we get doing something they are so excited about!

I would highly suggest giving Kiwi Crate a try if you have young ones!

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  1. Wow, absolutely love this theme! My son is probably still a little young for this, so if I win, I will probably wait a while before we do it

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