We Should Want to Know What is in Our Food!

Now I have to say that there are some (even in my family) that would rather not have the knowledge of what they are eating, so as not to be concerned, than know the truth of what the food they are eating can actually do to them.  I am not one of them.  I want to know about everything I am putting into my body, and my children’s, so that I can make an informed decision.  Once I started finding out about the food on our store shelves, we started making the switch to organic food.  What I once thought was a fad for the wealthy now seemed like the only option I desired for my family!

Pink Slime has been in the news a lot in the recent weeks, so if you hadn’t watched Food, Inc. you now know about the infamous “pink slime” that is in some of the meat served at fast food restaurants, our children’s schools and even some meat sold at supermarkets.  The crazy thing is that until attention was brought to it, this was considered acceptable.  How gross it that!

As if that were not enough, since bigger is better factory-farming has become the norm for raising meat, we now have animals that are injected with antibiotics to prevent the spread of diseases.  Many of those same antibiotic injected factory-farmed chickens, are being washed in chlorine baths that contain 30 times more chlorine than an average swimming pool to help prevent the spread of diseases from the grossly unsanitary conditions they are being raised in!

But now there is a problem, who wants to buy chicken that smells like it has soaked in a chlorine bath?  So to mask the chlorine odor and, according to chicken producers, to keep the bird moist while cooking, the chickens are then injected with a solution of water and phosphate, a chemical that can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, weak bones, and even premature aging.  Why is this considered acceptable?

Make sure if you are purchasing conventional chicken that you check the package to see if it has been injected with a % of solution.  If so, you now know what it is!

If that doesn’t make you think twice about where your food is coming from and what you could be eating then I don’t know what would.  Try to find local farmers to purchase your meat from even if they are not organic farmers, you will have the opportunity to see how the animals are treated and ask questions.  Not only would it be healthier for your family, but also a more sustainable choice!

What about all the pesticides that are being used?  Studies have shown that even in low doses many of the pesticides that are hormone disruptors  can affect our body’s natural weight-loss chemistry.  There are organophosphate pesticides that are linked to obesity, a known risk factor for many other diseases, including cancer and type 2 diabetes.

What should we do about it?  Try to eat as many organic items as possible!  Even if your budget doesn’t allow to purchase all of it, try at minimum to purchase the “Dirty Dozen” organically.  Our bodies were created so impeccably, that it has been proven if you eat organically for just five days, our system can rid the body of virtually all pesticide residues.  So why not start making that change, any change towards eating organically is a change for the better.  Search out local farms, visit farmer’s markets, purchase in bulk and perserve produce in season to make it more affordable!

If you are interested in reading more about why eating organically is obviously a smart choice, then head over to the source of this article: Rodale: 7 Suprising Reasons Why You Should Go Organic.

2 thoughts on “We Should Want to Know What is in Our Food!”

  1. I am so glad you made the switch to an organic lifestyle. While it can be hard on the wallet at times, you save in the long run. The expense in medical bills, insurance, last of work and school, and lifestyle make a bigger problem than the cost of better food. Really, just doing it for about 3-6 months and you look back and go, “I don’t think we spend that much more”. You save money making more meals for school and home, and you eat less out. You think about your body and health being an investment that is worth the extra time and money! Great Post! I Google+ to help spread the word 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Kelley! I agree it is an investment in our health. I also think that it can be do-able financially even for those on tight budget when you cook from scratch. Thanks for stopping by!

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