Weekly Meal Plan-12/17-12/23

This week we start off with oral surgery with Austin, as we speak.  I am so nervous and yet he is calm and cool as a cucumber.  He is actually excited to go back to the dentist; they have a great staff and such a cool environment.  Plus it will be a day with just he and I, so he is looking forward to it.

We have got our Kiwi Crate box on Saturday and the kids are so excited to begin our activities to share.  I have a big to-do list that didn’t get finished this year, so I had to really sit down and decide what was most important to finish.  This is what I decided I am hoping to accomplish by the end of the year:

  • Empty the remaining boxes from the closet.
  • Get our bedroom textured and painted.
  • Paint Austin’s room (it will be taking on a jungle!)

So on to our menu of what we are having this week:


Breakfast: Yogurt, Granola, Apples
Dinner: Out


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Toast, Grapes
Dinner: Beans and Ham, Cornbread, Veggies Sticks


Breakfast: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Bananas
Dinner: Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Steamed Broccoli, Homemade Rolls


Breakfast: Homemade Waffles, Grapes
Dinner: Homemade Corndog Muffins, Green Beans


Breakfast: Fruit Smoothies, English Muffin Bread
Dinner:  Baked Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, Salads


Breakfast:  English Muffin Bread, Oranges
Dinner:  Ham Fried Rice (and Shrimp Fried Rice)


Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos, Fruit
Dinner:  Grilled Steaks, Sweet Potato Casserole, Salads

I have a lot to accomplish this week and am very excited to get past Monday to get started!

Do you have anything special planned this week?

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