Weekly Meal Plan 4/23/12-4/29/12

It is once again the beginning of a new week.  It is planned out to be a very busy week, with a few slots for enjoying the warmer air and our new family members.  They are growing so quickly!  We are spending some time outside every single day enjoying the weather.  I can’t wait to start being able to pick produce right from my back yard!

Here is what we have planned for our meals this week:


Breakfast-Puffed Pancakes, Pears  (new recipe)

Lunch-Pinwheel Sandwiches, Veggie Sticks, Popcorn

Dinner-Turkey N’ Dumplings


Breakfast-Yogurt, Granola, Fruit


Dinner-Lasanga Casserole, Salad


Breakfast-Bagels, Fruit


Dinner-Breakfast for Dinner-Eggs, Pancakes or Waffles, Fruit Salad


Breakfast-Breakfast Burritos, Fruit

Lunch- Cheese Toast on Honey Whole Wheat Bread, Homemade Alphabet Soup

Dinner-Sausage Calzones, Salads


Breakfast-English Muffins, Eggs


Dinner-One Dish Beef & Potato Bake, English Peas, Corn


Breakfast-Bluebrry Strusel Muffins

Lunch-PB Sandwiches, Cheese Slices, Pretzels, Carrot Sticks

Dinner-Ham with White Sauce over Brown Rice, Green Beans


Breakfast-Leftover English Muffins or Muffins, Fruit


Dinner-BBQ Pork Roast, Sweet Potatoes, Salad, Sauteed Squash


I said I would share the recipe for the beef & broccoli calzones, they weren’t great so I am going to skip that one!

So what is on your menu for the week?  Are you trying anything new?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan 4/23/12-4/29/12”

  1. Thank you for your recipes! I’m always looking for good reviews of recipes from someone I can trust to be honest.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I still have many changes that we are working on making, but it helps sometimes to see what others are doing for a little inspiration! It is truly heartwarming to know that I have your trust! That is the greatest compliment I could be given, so thank-you!

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