Weight Loss Challenge-Weight Update

Have you noticed I have started several things lately and haven’t finished them?  Well I have and I really dislike that.  I have had several crazy weeks but I think back and they all seem to have something thrown into the mix.  I haven’t updated my weight or shared how I was doing with the SimmWorks Weight Loss Challenge I signed up for. Although I am no where close to where I would like to be, I have lost weight this month.

So here it is, this is my weight this morning:

I am most certainly not where I would like to be at the end of June but I have lost 4 pounds this month.  I have about six weeks before our trip to Florida mid-August and my goal was to lose a minimum of 15 pounds with the goal of 20 before then.  I now have 2.66 pounds to lose each week between now and then if I want to hit my goal of 20 pounds before we leave.  Can I do it, I think so.  If I just stick to 15 pounds that would be 1.83 pounds a week until we leave.  I know that I can do it!  I will feel so much better if I do.

Although I have cut out much of my soda, I have yet to completely give it up entirely, partly due to the massive headaches I have been having.  It really is a huge challenge.  How can something that makes my body feel like this be of any benefit?  That is on my list to really buckle down on.  I would say I am drinking 1/3 or less of what I was so a drastic improvement.

Exercise has also been a downfall.  I am active after the kids all day when I am home, but it needs to be more purposeful.  It is so hot outside that it isn’t an option during the day.  We did purchase a soccer ball this week on a trip to Little Rock and have been to the park already in the evening with it playing in the baseball field (very good exercise).  The kids loved it and it was great for us as a family to spend an hour chasing after the kids.

Those are the two things I need to focus on this week: Soda & Exercise.  I hope when I share my weight with you next week I am at 153 or less.  I will be sharing pictures next Friday.


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