What are the Best Cloth Diapers for You?

I know each family that uses cloth has their favorites!  For each family something a little different make work better for them.  Even with my two children I had such different babies.  Both were very small in the beginning and then once they started growing, Austin had the chubbiest little legs you have ever seen.  Some of the diapers I loved with Addie, didn’t work well for him.  Each baby is different.  When my Mother cloth diapered 5 children 20-30 years ago there were few options.  She used flat diapers with diaper covers that felt very plastic-y (that isn’t a word).

Now cloth diapering is a hip thing to do with so many options and fun styles.  Cloth diapering isn’t just about being green, it is also about what is best for your little one.  As an added bonus, it is amazing how much you can save using cloth diapers!

Here are a few of the many different types:

  • All in One Diapers
  • Pocket Diapers
  • Fitted Diapers
  • Flats Diapers
  • Prefold Diapers
  • Wool Covers
  • PUL Covers
  • Fleece Covers

While I will share my cloth diaper experiences with you in the future I have been thinking about what are my readers favorites?  I have a new little one we will be welcoming into the family (not mine personally, my sister’s) and she has never used cloth before.  There have been so many new options and improvements over the last two years, which do you enjoy using?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know, Which are the Best Cloth Diapers for You and Your Family? 


One of my favorite online cloth diaper stores, diaper junction, is offering free shipping right now on orders over $25.




6 thoughts on “What are the Best Cloth Diapers for You?”

  1. Margaux @ YoungNesters

    We exclusively have the BG 4.0 AIO with snaps and LOVE them! I have already written several posts all about them on my own blog hehe.

  2. We use flats w/ covers and pocket diapers. I had a few newborn AIOs and I see why people like them! They are SUPER easy! 🙂
    I like anything w/ gussets!
    My favorite brands are Swaddlebees, Blueberry, and bumGenius. 🙂

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