What do You Consider to be Sharing Too Much Personal Information?

We live in the information age when it is so easy to get your hands on information on anything or anyone.  If you are looking for something, you head to your favorite search engine (I love Swagbucks since I benefit for using it) type in what you are looking for and they display search results for whatever it is you are looking for.  This can be incredibly helpful to have all the information at your fingertips but also a little scary when it comes to personal information.

Have you ever wondered how much information is available on you or your family?  Have you actually searched your name to see what was found?  I can’t believe others can actually pay money to see my personal records, anything from finances to even some medical records, which should be protected by HIPPA.  Have you ever wondered how would I go about removing personal information from the internet?  I have!

Identity theft is one of the fastest and highest paying crimes in the US.  In the last year, my husband’s information was stolen and one of our cards were hijacked.  I called the online company the same night the order was placed to let them know that we hadn’t ordered the products from them and not to ship the product.  There were six separate orders all placed within an hours time, doesn’t that look a little fishy to you?  They did report it to their fraud department but in the product shipped anyways!  We had to file a police report and the bank in turn worked on it and we did get our money back but what a hassle!  There were charges to all kinds of online places even charges to a place in Singapore.  The scary thing was that this was a new card and had only been used at a few local places and not ever been used online yet, so it had to have been someone who actually had their hands on the card.

People are even judged by what they post online.  Have you heard of how people have been affected, even loosing their jobs or not being hired for something they said or supposedly did online?

When I started blogging, Hubby and I talked about how much information we actually wanted to share.  Did we want to use our children’s names, or pictures?  Did we want to share our location?  How much is too much? How do you feel about sharing your information online with the world?  Are there certain things you try to avoid putting online?

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1 thought on “What do You Consider to be Sharing Too Much Personal Information?”

  1. Having your credit card information stolen is such a violating feeling. It happened to me, too. And I always thought I was being so careful about using my card wisely, but somehow someone got ahold of it (they bought plants and shoes – go figure).

    I love to share our pictures and videos with friends and family on social networking sites, but it makes me nervous because of all of the weirdos you hear about out there. One really sad aspect is that my daughter is going to grow up in a world where it is not ok to let your guard down for even a minute. We will try to raise her to be smart and use good judgement, but it is the judgement of others that we need to warn her about. I would love to blog, but hesitate for the same reasons that you have listed. I love to share, but how much sharing is too much?

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