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york photo puzzle

Recently while working on several projects with HP, the children and I sat down to browse through our photos that I have stored on my phone, on my SD cards and in my dropbox. First of all, I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I printed some! It had been forever! We solved that by printing pictures for our projects with my HP Envy printer.

But while we looked back at all the photos, it was like reliving the memories. The kids spent the entire week looking at the pictures, talking about what we did that day and just the sheer fun we had during those moments. The kids beamed while talking about their memories.

Photos do just that for us. They capture a moment in time to help us remember. Moments that pass by all too quickly can be recalled with just a picture. It is amazing that we can recall sights, smells and feeling by just looking at the photo of a moment.

I made the children a promise right then that we would start printing off our pictures more regularly. That we would take those memories off my phone and SD card and put them where we could relive them, see and touch them.

york photo puzzle and austin

While I was browsing on, I was trying to decide on a product to order that I thought all the kids would enjoy. Photo books are hands down an awesome way to compile so many photos into an awesome keepsake. My children look at past photo books all the time, the issue would be, I would need to order more than one.

York has so many fun photo gift ideas, it was hard to choose! After browsing a few days, I decided on a photo puzzle. It would be a great way for us to spend time together and how cool would it be that the kids would actually be a part of the puzzle!

york photo puzzle in pieces

The day it arrived, Austin was quick to call dibs on putting it together. Actually, we decided I would start the puzzle and then each child could put themselves together.

While putting the puzzle together, we talked about our Disney trip and what the kids favorite moments were, (they add new ones each time we talk about our last trip). It is remarkable to me just how much they remember, how many details they can recall.

york photo puzzle putting together

During our time working on the puzzle, I promised them we would order all the photos from our trip so we wouldn’t forget a single moment!

I was curious to find out about the quality of the puzzle and I was not disappointed. The puzzle pieces are nice and thick and I can’t wait to order a few more as gifts.

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york photo puzzle put together

Once you sign-up, they will email out their latest specials and coupon codes.  I also ordered a poster print (and let me say it turned out awesome) when I ordered my puzzle and I can’t wait to show you how I am going to use it!  Stay tuned for that post.

So tell me, when was the last time you printed your photos?

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