What is an Unlocked Cell Phone and Why They Make Sense

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Today I received a phone call from my father who was rather blue because he had lost his cell phone, again.  This time however it was really gone, not just misplaced at home.  He traced his steps yesterday and remembers the exact time he last had his hands on his phone.  He had gone to lunch with friends and then afterwards headed to his favorite trout fishing hole.  It’s a very special place and has lots of traffic through on the weekend.  As soon as he realized he didn’t have it, he went back but it was too late.  It was already gone.  He was looking to get an updated phone anyways as his was a model that has since been updated four times, so it was needed.

My sister usually handles helping him pick out all his phones, but we discussed his options and why he really needed to purchase an unlocked cell phone.  The reality is, you can purchase a phone, even outright but if it is “locked” you can only use it with a specific phone carrier.  Sometimes you can get it unlocked from the carrier or through other means, but these can be time consuming and don’t always allow you to use all the phones features easily.  So purchasing an “unlocked” cell phone makes sense.

What is an unlocked cell phone?

When you purchase an unlocked cell phone, it can be used on any mobile provider.  These are the perfect type of phones if you use a prepaid phone service or even if you don’t want to be tied to extending your contract.  They are truly yours without all the cell phone provider strings attached.

We have used a prepaid cell phone service for years and I would never go back to being locked into a contract.  My father also uses the same service, so unlocked cell phones just make sense.  Because we usually purchase our cell phones outright, I am usually a model or two behind and I have been drooling over the newest models features.  We were in Best Buy last week and I couldn’t help but drool over one of their new unlocked cell phone, actually two…the SONY Xperia Ultra and Premium Unlocked phonesOh my goodness, they are perfection!

Here are a few of the details:

Xperia XA1 Ultra Phone

Display – The displays are amazing, seriously amazing!  The Xperia XA1 Ultra phone has a borderless 6” edge-to-edge Full HD display – provides an extraordinary mobile viewing experience.

Camera – This is a huge upgrade! It features two awesome cameras, a new 23MP main camera that was previously found only on Sony’s flagship smartphones and a 16MP front-facing camera that has been upgraded to include a 23mm wide-angle lens for awesome selfies.

Location – Both phones are found ONLY at Best Buy.  Best Buy has been my husband favorite store since we married so we frequent Best Buy.  You can only get your hands on either phone at Best Buy.






Xperia XZ Premium Phone

Display – The Xperia XZ Premium phone includes an awesome 4K HDR Display and Super Slow motion Camera.  This is the first of its kind in a smartphone.  You might look at the megapixels and think 19MP are less than the 23MP found in the XA1 Ultra but the difference is the XZ Premium phone comes with the world’s first Motion Eye camera system, featuring Predictive Capture to help you get just the right shot, and Super slow motion video recording, which captures life in ways no other smartphone can.

Processor – The XZ Premium is perfect for those who love to create videos and are gamers.  It performs exceptionally for creating Super slow motion videos, watching 4K HDR videos, or playing the latest PlayStation games on PS4 Remote Play.

Location – Both phones are found ONLY at Best Buy.  Best Buy has been my husband favorite store since we married so we frequent Best Buy to browse and gawk all the latest in tech.  These unlocked phones can be used my AT&T, Verizon and Cricket carriers.



I personally, like most of you use my cell phone daily and for so much more than just talking and texting.  It really is time for an upgrade.  My phone is often used to capture moments while we are traveling, just because it is easy and simple.  I have my good dslr camera but with wrangling four kids, my phone is always easier.  My current cell phone has a 12MP camera, the front facing is only 8MP.  Once I had the Sony Xperia in my hand at Best Buy, I told my husband I had to start saving.

What is your favorite feature of the Sony Xperia unlocked cell phones?

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