Who Wants to Make Some Homemade Vanilla With Me?

So one of my to-do projects on my list this year was to make me some homemade Vanilla extract.  We love to bake and vanilla anything is my Hubby and son’s favorite!  There have been a few sales that I have missed from Olive Nation, where I plan to order my Madagascar vanilla beans from.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase my Vanilla Beans!

To start out I am going to purchase enough to make a half-gallon of homemade vanilla extract.  You can make it in as little as 6-8 weeks but the longer it sits (up to six months) the better it becomes.  I would like to get it started so I have it ready to go before the end of the year!

So I am ordering 1/2 pound of Madagascar Vanilla Beans from Olive Nation for $24.95 with free shipping through this link.  You get approximately 54 beans and will need about 40 beans to make a half-gallon.

Next is on to the liquor!  You will need a 1.75 Liter bottle of Vodka.  Being that Vodka is made from corn and it is a highly GMO crop, I wanted to search out organic Vodka.  I leave deep in the South and believe it or not in a dry county.  That means we can’t purchase liquor locally.  I have to travel at least 45 minutes to purchase anything, and can not get organic Vodka there.  Online I found several retailers that sell Organic Vodka made right here in the US.  The best prices I found from my search were from Astorwines and they offer free shipping on your first online purchase over $50.00.   The Prairie Organic Vodka starts at $19.99 for 750ml and Rain Vodka at $21.99 for 1L.  I am also going to check this week at Whole Foods as I will be making a trip down to see what they have.

2 oz Amber Bottle - AB2

Finally I will need some small dark amber bottles to store the Vanilla Extract in when it is complete!  There are several options available to purchase these online.  I like that from Sunburst Bottle Company you can purchase as few as one or as many as you want.  You can order them starting at $.45 for a 2oz bottle or $.78 for a 4oz bottle.  I like the fact that Sunburst Bottle Company has received recognition from the State of California, Integrated Waste Management Board “for improving the environment by reducing waste.”

So what so you think?  Does it sound easy enough that you may want to try it out?  Add a really cute label and you would have a unique homemade gift to share (along with plenty for yourself)!  If you wish to make a smaller batch to try it out, then simple cut back the amounts needed.

Quantities Needed

To make a gallon of homemade Vanilla you need 2-1.75ml bottles of Vodka and 80 Vanilla Beans  (This makes roughly 128 ounces)

To make a half-gallon of Homemade Vanilla you need 1.75ml of Vodka and 40 Vanilla Beans  (This makes roughly 64 ounces)

To make enough Homemade Vanilla for a 1ml bottle you will need 22-23 Vanilla Beans  (This makes roughly 36 ounces)

To make enough Homemade Vanilla for a .75ml bottle you will need 16-17 Vanilla Beans  (This makes roughly 27 ounces)

Hopefully this gives you an idea that can be started on a very small-scale.  I will let you know when I get my vanilla beans in and have purchased my Vodka so I can give you the step by step of how simple making your own vanilla extract will be!

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7 thoughts on “Who Wants to Make Some Homemade Vanilla With Me?”

  1. Amanda said “I will let you know when I get my vanilla beans in and have purchased my Vodka so I can give you the step by step of how simple making your own vanilla extract will be!”

    So Amanda, did you make the vanilla? If so, did you take photos? How did it turn out? If you’ve already made it, will you be making more for the holidays – and giving a step-by-step? I’d love to see the process and hear about the results. Thanks.

  2. I did this in February (ish) and it was SO easy. I ordered my beans on amazon.com and just got a handle of the CHEAPEST vodka at the liquor store. I cut the beans in half and dropped them into the bottle and put it in the closet. I would suggest doing this and then divy up the vanilla into smaller bottles when you want to use it/give it as gifts. The vanilla you get at 6 weeks really isnt very vanilla-y… it def smells more like vodka. I would wait until it smells more like vanilla and less like vodka before using it. You can also use Bourbon instead of vodka or rum. I heard that way is really good too!

  3. Thanks! I have been wanting to make homemade vanilla for years but on a budget, it has never happened. I’m going to have to try and make it happen. 🙂 I’ll be looking for your step by step. 🙂

  4. Hi! Just FYI, you can make vanilla with rum instead of vodka. It imparts its own unique flavor to the vanilla, but I actually prefer it with rum after trying it with both liquors. I’ve been making my own vanilla for many years. It’s an amazing upgrade to the regular store bought stuff!

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