Why Do You Vacation: Relaxation or Memories?

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Neither answer is wrong! For each of us, the reason may be slightly different depending on the vacation. Some may be a combination. I have yet to take a vacation where I did not return without memories.

Florida Beach Family Vacation

For my family, I would like to say it is a combination of the two, but truthfully, the last time I remember taking a vacation for relaxation was before I had children. It was just hubby and I hitting the beach to enjoy each other, take a nap in the hammock next to the ocean, and eat!

Those were great times but…now that we have three children, times have changed. We use our vacations to have an adventure. To learn. To explore. To make memories!

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In the last year, we have traveled a total of 5,800 miles together. Some of those miles were most recently by plane (to visit Disney World), others were on the road, making our way to Chicago and before that, Florida again! Needless to say, memories were made in heaps and bounds at Disney; it was nothing short of a magical trip. Other memories were made exploring in aquariums, museums or parks. Some of our best memories were simply being silly while enjoying the company of dear family that lives far away. Each of our vacations over the years adds another chapter to our book of memories, ones that we will forever cherish.

multi generation family vacation

Even though the remainder of our vacations this year will be rather close to home due to our bun in the oven, we plan to make many more memories this year! As a matter of fact, at the end of next weekend we are so excited to be attending a convention a couple of hours away with many of our loved ones. We will have some family time to ourselves to explore but also have lots of time with family and friends. It is something I look forward to annually!

The children, well they are excited we are staying at a Crowne Plaza with an awesome pool! My children have decided they wished they were born with webbed feet! Being the thrifty mom I am, I always try to find us awesome accommodations, while trying to take advantage of resort perks. This visit is no different. I was thrilled to find out about the IHG® Rewards Club “Share Forever” Summer Promotion that is running this summer. What is awesome is that you are not only rewarded with your own points, but you are also rewarded with points to share with family or friends! And since IHG® is a global company with 9 hotel brands and over 4,800 hotels, they are literally everywhere (over 100 countries).

How it all works:

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If you sign up for your own membership now, you will be entered to win additional points too!

IHG Share Forever Summer Rewards Program

I am excited to save our points for a trip to either dig for diamonds later this summer or head back to Branson to take the kids to Silver Dollar City. Now the hard part is deciding who I will share my points with!

Now all that is left is to decide where you will go and who you are going to share your points with!

Learn more about the program at shareforever.ihg.com.

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