Why I Enjoy Baby-Wearing with theBabaSling from @Joovy

joovy babasling1 For so many Mama wearing our little ones is a way to be able to move and get something accomplished during the day but also just as much a form of bonding.  My children both loved to be close and cuddled.  I love being able to hold them have hands on cuddle time but as any busy Mama knows, your life still has to continue.  The cooking, laundry, dishes, they just never stop.

Austin was a baby that was very content to nap in his swing.  He loved his swing and for that I was so thankful.  Addie wasn’t a very contented baby for the first four and a half months until we realized she had a dairy allergy.  Once that was cut from my diet, she became a very different, calm and happy baby.  She soon dealt with other illnesses though so she wanted to be held and cuddled more often than not.

Baby wearing was such an awesome solution for me as it allowed us to be touching but also for me to have my hands free, at least most of the time!  I learned to do almost everything while I was baby wearing.  It was an awesome solution for us both!


Now Addie is 3 1/2 and although she still only weighs 25 pounds, she has graduated to being a big girl.  I had theBabaSling that we loved using even up until she was right at three (because she is so petite) but we gifted it to my sister that was expecting her first this month.  Needless to say when I found out we were expecting again, I was shocked.  (Shocked truthfully is such an understatement!)  We had gifted or gotten rid of all of our baby items as we thought our baby days were finished.

Joovy babasling2

When a package showed up on our doorstep I was beyond delighted to see the surprise of it being another theBabaSling.  We hadn’t been telling others yet we were expecting so I thought it was a mistake, it wasn’t and I was beyond excited!

TheBabaSling was designed with comfort and simplicity in mind.  It is a hammock style sling and I am so excited to now have one to use with our new little man later this summer.  Because of it’s innovative design, it is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine while providing the closeness and bonding of baby wearing.

Baby wearing can seem daunting at first.  In the beginning I was scared of somehow dropping the baby or something happening and the baby falling.  I am now very comfortable with baby wearing but safety is so important to Joovy that they have even created a video series to explain how to properly wear the sling to really educate all their customers.

Joovy Babasling3

I love the versatility of theBabaSling!  You have the option of five carrying positions and with the straps being easily adjustable, anone can find a position comfortable for them and the baby.  I love that not only do you have the option to wear the sling in so many ways, you can also wear it on the right or left shoulder so you can adjust the weight comfortably.  The straps are created with padding in just the right spots so they do not tug or pull on your shoulders and back.

Features of theBabaSling

– Can be used from 7.7lbs to 30lbs
– One size fits all with fully adjustable straps and dual railings
– Fits left or right shoulder
– Five different carrying positions and two breastfeeding positions
– Allows you to breastfeed discretely
– Shoulder pad is extra-padded for comfort
– Padded infant head support and railing
– Pocket to help position infant properly
– Easy quick-release buckle will not wake-up sleeping babies
– Second safety buckle for added security
– Made of 100% cotton, machine washable (hang to dry)

As an extended breastfeeding Mama, I also really appreciate that you can discreetly nurse while using theBabaSling.  Truthfully, I would love to use that time as down time to rest and bond but we know that isn’t always feasible, especially with two other toddlers that need my attention often.

In the past I had the organic theBabaSling which of course I loved, this time I received a charcoal grey theBabaSling.  I know I will love using it with the color not showing every spot and matching practically anything I wear.

theBabaSling Baby Carrier by JoovytheBabaSling Baby Carrier by Joovy

theBabaSling Baby Carrier by JoovytheBabaSling Baby Carrier by Joovy

Connect With Joovy!

If you are a new Mama or a veteran baby wearer, why not think about giving Joovy theBabaSling a try?  While your checking out their other amazing products on their site, why don’t you sign up for Club Joovy?  You won’t want to miss the opportunities available to Club Joovy members!

To stay on top of all the sales and new arrivals, why not connect with Joovy on their Facebook page and Twitter.

I was provided with theBabaSling by Joovy as part of my participation as a Joovy Blogger.  No other compensation was received.  As always, all opinions shared are 100% my own! 

16 thoughts on “Why I Enjoy Baby-Wearing with theBabaSling from @Joovy”

  1. I wore #2 for a short time, but I’m really getting into babywearing with #3. I am thrilled to try a Joovy Babasling in the near future! I hope my little one loves it as much as that little guy looks to enjoy it! 🙂

    1. I think finding the right sling is so important! I tried several I didn’t like or the baby didn’t like. This one is awesome though.

  2. That is an awesome baby sling!! I wish I had one of those when my kids were babies! It would have been so helpful!!

    1. It makes it so much easier to get anything done! I love having them close and cuddling but being able to continue being a mom, as we never get all things done!

  3. I love the extra padded shoulder padding. All three of my babes have been big and heavy so that would be the perfect feature! I have a girlfriend pregnant right now and will definitely consider this for her shower gift! 🙂

    1. That is definitely one of my favorite features! When I was wearing Addie being bigger, it helped with comfort so much.

  4. We absolutely loved babywearing when my daughter was a baby. My son never really took to it, so I was so elated when my girl ended up loving it. She’s 2 and a half now and we don’t carry her anymore(her choice) but I sure do miss it. I always recommend babywearing to new moms. I’ll have to let them know about theBabaSling as well.

    1. Isn’t it funny that we are the ones that miss it? My daughter was always very petite so I could probably still wear her if I wasn’t pregnant but I do miss it 🙂

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