Why I Started "The Frugal Greenish Mama"

I guess I want to start off my first personal post explaining why I wanted to start a blog.

My journey to making more Eco-Friendly choices began almost four years ago. It started slowly when my husband was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. His Oncologist suggested we start looking into the household chemicals we were using around the house. I had been an avid couponer so we had everything! We gradually started using less and starting purchasing some organic foods. Since we live in a rural area, our access to organic food at conventional stores is rather limited. Little did I know we would find other sources, I will talk about those a little later. And I have always been on a budget so I wondered if I could really could eat more naturally. I found helpful information online, through forums and catching deals on blogs. I started to realize with a little effort I could provide better food, more whole food choices to my family. I wanted to share my progress and have some accountability so I decided I would blog my deals I found, as well as my families progress. Maybe to help myself and others to see that IT IS POSSIBLE to eat naturally/organically and not break the bank; that an average fairly low income family CAN DO IT!

I opened my blogger account in December with the intentions of going full force and then my mother’s illness began to really become the focus of our lives. We knew we did not have long and wanted to spend every spare moment we had together, as a family. My dear mother gave me my love of couponing, finding great deals and shopping at second hand stores (Thrifty Stores as my three year old son lovingly refers to them). Nana would be proud! His favorite places are Krogers, Wal-greens, Whole Foods & the Thrifty Store with Red Doors. Even during her final months when she was unable to walk, on our outings he would ride with Nana on the electric cart and pull blinkies from each and every machine. They would sit on her walker and go through the small bins that had toys at certain Thrifty Stores that were her favorites. We lost my dear mother in April and she is sorely missed, more than I could ever convey with words. It has taken me a little while to get refocused due to the closeness of heart couponing and my mother share.

So now I have renewed focus in blogging and hope to start posting each and every day. Bare with me as I am learning and trying to still figure a few (well many) things out.  Some days will be more active than others as I am still working a couple of days a week. I hope to start adding coupon match-ups this week for many stores. I plan on posting a weekly meal plan, as well as many recipes and canning adventures! If there is something you would like to see, please let me know! I would love it if you would share my site with anyone you think would enjoy it! Please leave comments and share your thoughts!

The Frugal Greenish Mama

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