Why is it Important to Buy Local?

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Living in a smaller community, we tend to think more about purchasing from smaller Mom and Pop stores than do those in larger cities that have everything at their disposal.  I love that when you purchase from local stores you have a chance to make an impact, in more than one way.  First off, it is best for the environment.  There are fewer emissions produced when something travels to end destination in 25 miles than in 2500 miles or more.

Funny, my 4-year-old son asked me when we were in our local super store this week, “Mommy, why are those bananas green?  They don’t taste good green, they need to be yellow?”  It gave me an opportunity to explain that they came from somewhere far away and even took a plane ride to get to us.  They have to be picked so much before they are truly ready to be available to us, half-way around the world before they are no good.

When we buy local whether it be from our local farms, CSAs or from a small locally owned quilting store, we are also helping to support our local economy.  By supporting our local shops, they help put money back into our economy that is struggling so much.

Here are a few facts about Buying Local:

  • Local businesses reinvest in local economy 60% more than chains.
  • Small businesses account for 75% of all new jobs in this country.
  • Small business employs over half of all US workers.

The next time you are going to stop for that cup of coffee, instead of using a chain store, why not try to find a little diner.  If you need a piece of clothing, instead of heading down to the mall, why not find that second-hand shop owned by a local Mama.  And now that summer is going to be in full swing, instead of hopping into the local supermarket, why not make it a goal to visit your farmer’s market?  There are so many benefits to buying local, why not make it a priority!

Does your family try to buy local?  What are your favorite products to look for?

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1 thought on “Why is it Important to Buy Local?”

  1. I always buy local, but I’ve lived in small villages where there are no big name shops. I prefer the quality, the service and products local shopping gives. I have always found shopping in big name stores a cold hearted experience. I love that I actually know which field many of my vegetables were grown and that I see my flour milled.

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