Why Use Natural Beauty Products and a Few Current Favorites

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Why Use Natural Beauty Products?

Most of the times, the simplest solutions are often the best.   Why would the products we use to care for our skin, face and hair be any different?  Why would we want to use complicated, harsh chemicals in place of using organic products that are derived from plants, herbs, botanical extracts and essential oils that can deliver vital nutrients to your hair and skin?

Our bodies were created with a delicate balance that needs to be maintained to ensure we protect our health.  Filling our systems with foreign chemicals can drastically affect the balance in our body.  Using products that are organic or are made from natural ingredients when it comes to our beauty routines is one way we can ensure our system is not overburdened.
Just like with anything else, do your research to know what is in the products.  Sometimes it takes trying many products out before you find something you truly love.  What worked a few months ago may now no longer fulfill what you need.  For me, my skin changed drastically during my pregnancy and I had to adjust some products I was using.

I have experimented with many natural and organic products and thought I would share a few of my recent favorites with you!

EcoCentric Mom

Novena Organic Bearberry Skin Brightening Moisturizer

  • I have to say, since I first starting using this on my face, I haven’t turned back!  I love how with such a small amount I can hydrate my skin without it feeling greasy or oily.   It doesn’t contain all the nasty products I try to avoid and bottom line, it works amazingly well!
100 percent pure

100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream – Organic Coffee Bean

  • I am extremely fair-skinned and as a result have many crows feet.  To say during my pregnancy that I had puffy eyes would be an under statement.  The eye cream contains anti-inflammatory, caffeine rich Green Tea and coffee which helps to de-puff while increasing circulation to brighten the rather unpleasant dark circles I have.

I am currently looking for a light and natural perfumes, do you have any suggestions?

What is your current beauty favorite?

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