Why We Should Teach Our Daughters it is Okay to Fail with GoldieBlox

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As a mom, there is nothing I want more than for my children to look at the world with wonder.  To be willing and excited to try new things.  To experiment in hopes of making discoveries without the fear of not succeeding.  I want my children to realize that in life, rarely, if ever do we succeed on our first attempt of anything.  I want them to understand it is okay and not succeed as long as we try again.

There will always be many stumbles in life, some big, some small but the important thing is we always get back up and try again.  Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  I want them to understand that I am just as proud of them when they give something their all, even if it doesn’t turn out the way they planned.

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Even as an adult, I still have many failures.  Addie and I worked in the kitchen last week to make muffins for the family.  I measured, and scooped, she poured and stirred.  I make muffins usually twice a week and have for years so I know the ingredients like the back of my hand.  Yet for some reason this day when I opened the oven door, there were delicious smelling, totally flat muffins.  It was okay I told Addie, they will be delicious!  As we started to remove them from the tin, they started falling apart.  Seriously?  Yep!  They were delicious none-the-less but clearly I was distracted and only used a teaspoon of baking soda rather than a tablespoon and only one egg instead of two.

I was able to reassure Addie, it was totally Mommy’s fault that the muffins fell apart.  She giggled and assured me they were still good.  I asked if I should stop making muffins since they didn’t turn out and I was quickly met with a “NO!” It was a great lesson to share with the kids that just because something doesn’t turn out, doesn’t mean we give up or stop trying.

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When we came across the GoldieBlox toy line, I loved that it promoted the concept of girls building and knew it was something Addie would love.    this isn’t just another building toy, it encourages our girls to think outside the box, explore and create.  If it doesn’t work, don’t give up, go back to the drawing board and try again.

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Austin and Addie usually work together on building projects, but Addie also had a great time following the directions in Goldie’s building diary.  It had a few simple projects and games and a few more complicated building projects, like this ice cream truck.  We haven’t built them all just yet, she is excited to try the tea cups next.

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The first things to be put up was the zipline.  Addie has always talked about going when she was big enough but isn’t quite sure about it right now.  She says she will have fun watching her Goldie for now.  Want to see more of what GoldieBlox is all about, take a peak at the video below.

What’s even more exciting?  We loved the GoldieBlox so much we wanted to share one with you!  So the kind people over at GoldieBlox offered to share one with one of our readers!

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If you head over to the GoldieBlox site, you can save 20% off your order through 4/5/15 using code: Spring2015-587fatsf

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Here is the scoop to enter:

What:  Goldie Action Figure and Builder’s Survival Kit ($85 retail)

When: Begins 3/31/15, Ends 4/8/15 @ 11:59pm pst

Who: Open to residents of the US ages 18 years and older

How to enter:

#1 Leave a comment sharing a story about a tine when you failed and bounced back.

#2 Visit the GoldieBlox site and come back and comment with which set you would be most excited to gift your little builder?

#3 Share the tweet below & then come back and leave your twitter name in a separate comment:

Teach your daughter it is okay to fail and try again with @GoldieBlox & #giveaway #GirlsNeedGoldie http://wp.me/p4Wfsl-4m0

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  1. I would love the dunk tank one. I failed at a recent diet but bounced back with a fun new exercise program

  2. I was once so disappointed in myself when I declined a speaking engagement…out of fear. The next time I was asked I said yes….pushed through the fear and triumphed!

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