The World of Eric Carle at Gymboree

In partnership with Gymboree, I received pieces of the World of Eric Carle lines to enjoy and share. All opinions are solely those of our family.

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The Eric Carle brand is iconic in the realm of children’s books.  The bright, vivid colors, fun illustrations and keen stories all bring us back to the simple eyes of a child.  The stories and illustrations are all full of wonder.  I loved peering at the illustrations in The Very Hungry Caterpillar watching him, he was always a he to me, make the miraculous transformation to a beautiful butterfly.

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Now that I have children of my own, sharing these stories helps me relive moments of my own childhood.

The children were immediately drawn to the illustrations on the shirts.  A light went off when Addie actually connected the butterfly on her shirt to one in the story we read.   Austin was intrigued and now will be on a mission to find his rhinoceros in an Eric Carle story.

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It was evening time when I tried to take photos, and although far from cool, it was tolerable outside in long sleeves.  The children were delighted to have an excuse to roll around in the (dead) grass.  With the kitten photo bombing, we had some really funny shots.

The World of Eric Carle at Gymboree

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Childhood should be centered around the joy and discovery of the little things in everyday life. Childhood should be full of smiles and giggles, bursts of laughter sprinkled with hints of shyness.

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The pieces from The World of Eric Carle line have all the same amazing quality that you come to expect from any of Gymboree’s lines.  So soft to the touch and great wash-ability gives each piece a very long life span.  Of which, I am ever so appreciative as I have a very steady relationship with my wash machine.

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I find the caterpillar to be a very fitting symbol of children.  They start out seemingly small and somewhat timid but quickly make their own transformation as they discover and grow.  It doesn’t take very long before they too have become beautiful butterflies!

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The World of Eric Carle collection is limited edition and will be available in stores and online beginning September 2, 2014.  You can look at all of the pieces in the collection, enter the sweepstakes to win a $250 gift card, and find activity ideas for your kids on The World of Eric Carle page on the Gymboree website.

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  1. I’m stoked about these clothes! Can you help me out? Do you know which book has that rhino in it? I”m also needing to know about the lizard design. I agreed to shop for the baby gifts for my husband’s office, there are 4 little babies I get to shop for! I’m thrilled with this Eric Carle line from Gymboree and hope the new parents will be too. I’d like to get a book to go with each outfit. I’ve also picked out the butterfly one and the ladybug one for the girls but already know which books go with those. Thanks for any help you can give!

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