Solve Your Food Storage with Xterma FridgeX @XtremaCookware #ngfoodie

Have you ever heard of FridgeX?

It is a collapsible food storage line made from Ceramcor.  FridgeX is made from food grade silicone and I do love the fact that all the pieces collapse down to half their size.

I love being able to prepare meals ahead of time and have them ready to go in the freezer.  FridgeX can go right from your freezer to the oven or microwave without changes dishes.

I love that for storage it is lightweight and collapsible and takes up very little storage space.

Being made from silicone, foods do not stick making clean-up simple and easy.  They are stain resistant and do not retain any food odors.

Can you imagine that FridgeX is 100% recyclable?   It is non toxic to aquatic life or soil organisms making it an eco-friendly choice for food storage.

Although I have not yet personally cooked in my FridgeX set yet I have used they for storage.  They are not firm plastic, rather flexible.  From berries to pasta with red sauce nothing sticks or has stained.

These are clearly not your average storage containers!  If you are looking for a non-toxic storage system that is not glass, these FridgeX lines are a perfect solution.

Purchase Your Own FridgeX

You can visit the Ceramcor site to see all the eco-friendly cooking and storage options available! Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter also!

Win Your own FridgeX Storage System!

I am so excited that Ceramcor will be one of the sponsors in the upcoming Noise Girls Fall Foodie Event beginning on October 1st. Be sure you come back to enter as there will be great prize packages full of yummy goodies!


I received the above products to review. All opinions expressed are, as always 100% my own and those of my family.

28 thoughts on “Solve Your Food Storage with Xterma FridgeX @XtremaCookware #ngfoodie”

  1. my cabinet that holds my storage containers is always a mess. i love that these are colapsable and stack neatly in the cabinet. i make home made spaghetti sauce andf it always stains the containers, which never seem clean from that point on. i like that these are stain and odor resistant. pretty colors too!! they are wonderful items!!
    🙂 THANKS! 🙂
    anne l

  2. I love that they are stain resistant and do not retain food odors! Also, how great that they’re collapsible and take up less storage space. 🙂

  3. So many things make these amazing & a step up from the current tupperware debacle or smells/stains & how much room they take up. I usually end up using them a few times & tossing them. This would be a great solution! Thanks!

  4. krista grandstaff

    I like that it is collapsible…I have other silicone items and I love how easy they are to store… I do wonder, however, how great they are at containing “liquidy” items… if they are fairly flexible, I don’t know that I would want to store leftover soup, etc in one…

  5. I like that they are collapsible and the colors are bright, so you won’t forget you have stuff living in the containers.

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